Poll Time! Best Walt Disney Animation Film

My votes are actually those of the kid in my house. Since VHS tapes became a thing, Disney movies have played a lot on the tv. So much so, I can generally name the movie in 3 notes, right at the beginning. My grandson says how do you do that?!? Well, I’m hearing what you’re watching.
Side note: we used to have guinea fowl. It was years before I realized the guinea I was hearing was actually in Lion King.

Moana I like despite LMM’s music. Moana is kinda like Carol Danvers. Or vice versa.

I remember watching Snow White in the theater and thinking: this is a kids movie?!?!??? Somebody needs their head examined.

Meet the Robinsons is awesome. :sparkling_heart::heart::two_hearts::gift_heart::heart_eyes::sunglasses:

Sword in the Stone promotes imagination so well.

I like Mulan of course but it doesn’t hurt that granma used to be a flying squirrel. :blush:


You didn’t include Brave which I really like because it’s different.

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Isn’t that Pixar?

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Oh perhaps- and we’re not counting those I guess.


It is, and no @Jeff_AZ said it was just Disney, not Pixar.

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I had no idea it was Pixar - I assumed since she’s basically a princess it was Disney. Thanks for clarifying.


I wasn’t sure myself till I checked. You can vote for it in the Pixar poll that I’m sure @Jeff_AZ will post when this one is concluded!


The inside joke in Ralph Breaks the Internet comes to mind. “We can’t understand her.” “She’s from the other studio.” :joy:


Cinderella, because…obvious!

Then, I chose TLM. Thing is, objectively speaking, Beauty and the Beast should really be the winner. But truth is, the is something about TLM that just it better to me.

It was a difficult choice, though, because there are so many strong contenders in that section.

(In the separation of that poll, I chose TMAoWTP…how is there any other choice?)

In the lull, went with Meet the Robinson’s. It is the only one in that section that I have actually watched multiple times and enjoyed each time. It isn’t as strong as the choices from the other groupings, but for me the clear winner in this section.

And in the final one, picked Big Hero 6. Again, some good ones throughout, but this movie was a surprise hit for me. I have seen it many times, and love it each time. I almost picked Wreck It Ralph, but decided against because I think my love for that is based more on nostalgia and cleverness than anything. Some other in there, such as Frozen, I felt had great music, but the story itself wasn’t as strong.


Pixar will be tricky, because I have a clear favorite Pixar film…but I have a different Pixar film that I think is the best! So, looking forward to that poll.


Same. Also the DreamWorks/Illumination one that is rumored to happen in the UOR section at some point.


I’m very glad you split the polls for The Dark Ages and The Renaissance. Oo-de-lally!


In honor of the Dark Ages split… a photo of me on my first trip with the Sheriff of Nottingham.


To be clear, I didn’t take my first or any subsequent trips WITH the Sheriff of Nottingham, I happened to meet him there.




I think we need an immediate Change.org petition to bring back Sheriff meet n greets…

No child should be deprived of such a beloved character!




WHAT?! I had no idea LMM wrote the songs for that movie until this very moment. And also, it’s not the music that makes that movie, IMO. It’s the story. such a good story. That moment, when she’s walking through the parted water, saying “I know your name” gah! I get chills even writing it!


I didn’t know until I was watching Hamilton for the first time while on chat. I said the music reminds me of Moana and someone joined the dots for me :exploding_head::notes::grin:


The shirt is screaming 70s.

ROFL! Good info to know.