Poll Time! Best Table Service Restaurant in HS?

We’d pretty well stopped eating at HS. TS or QS.

Last September with our big group, some 9 of us thoroughly enjoyed 50s Prime Time. Kids to grand and great grandparents. Had a super funny waiter. I ordered a root beer float and an appetizer and was content.

Later in the week 5 of us ate at Sci Fi for the first time in decades. I have no clue what I ordered - clearly wasn’t memorable. We were disappointed not to get a car. Service was slow. The kids wanted to know what a drive in movie was like, so they were happy.

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HBD is our favorite. We’ve had very good meals at both 50’s & SciFi (in fact they had a salmon salad on the menu a few years back and it’s still memorably good).
Mama Melrose is the single worst meal we’ve ever had at Disney. Service was awful. Food was nearly inedible. The oil they were deep frying in was clearly burnt. We sent the calamari back with that complaint and they brought out a replacement, cooked in the same oil. The server was dumbfounded that we also found that inedible.
Then they “lost” our dinner order, offered us passes to Fantasmic to compensate (which were useless to us), server ditched us…it was just a mess!


HBD is my favorite TS restaurant in the parks. I’ve only eaten at that and Sci-Fi (which was also fun for atmosphere). We eat at HBD every trip and are never disappointed. Even my last visit, there was a problem with my drink order and my food order and they made it right (and gave us FP…although they were Tier2, so pretty useless)…so I don’t fault them for a couple of mistakes one time out of many.

P.S. - Useful fact about HBD…their house Gin is Nolet’s Silver…which tastes like oranges. Great for some drinks…not for a dirty martini. If you order a martini, I recommend being very specific about the gin (I was and I still got the orange stuff…)


OK I’ve always looked at HBD’s description and thought “meh, why would I go there?”
But after reading the comments here, it’s on the list for my next trip.