Poll Time! Best Disney Resort Hotel Dining Round 2

Time for Round 2! Here is the link to Round 1. All options receiving 15% or more in their respective polls have advanced to this combined round.

Which Disney Resort Hotel has access to the best dining options?

  • Animal Kingdom Lodge
  • Grand Floridian
  • Coronado Springs
  • Caribbean Beach
  • Pop Century
  • Art of Animation

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Reminder: You can consider access to nearby options (like Epcot / Boardwalk area / Disney Springs), but try to factor in the walking distance, etc. (e.g., a 4-star restaurant on site might be equivalent to a 5-star restaurant a half-mile walk away). Use whatever criteria you see fit to determine how you answer the question.

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I chose AKL bc duh, but technically if we’re only talking access CBR should win no contest.

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Well, they have decent restaurants, but also have access to 2 of the other “best of” resorts, plus all of the boardwalk area, Riviera, Epcot and HS via easy transportation or walking.


That’s a supportable argument. I think it’s a little more even because AKL can bus to Epcot with only a bit more time, but CBR is definitely more convenient for Boardwalk, Riviera and HS.

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All that discussion and it didn’t even matter that the Epcot area resorts have access to the best dining.


Now I see why people don’t vote in this country


And see I think if you gotta take a bus it doesn’t count. Monorail, skyliner, or boat are more like fun rides vs just transit like a bus.

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The discussion is more important than the poll. :wink: We are not bound by the results. But people do make decisions based on what we post here (me included).

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Once Darth Bezos deploys the fleet of P*nis Rockets and the self-aware dronez to carry you to the launch pads, every restaurant in the universe will be “accessible,” and we’ll see who’ll be laughing out of the other side of his or her personal face.

A plain reading of best resort hotel dining = which hotel has the best restaurants within its property line boundaries would’ve been vastly easier than this folderol about “access.” William of Ockham looks weepy; I’m buying him a round.


It might have been easier, but reality is not that simple. If you are actually choosing a hotel to stay at, do you really say, “If I stay at Yacht Club, Cape May isn’t at my resort, so isn’t a factor.” And if you accept that example, where do you draw the line? That was why I put it that way.

In any case, it appears most people have interpreted / weighted the poll mostly to what is on site at the hotel, which is fine.


I cry foul. SSR is undeniably the top choice, objectively speaking. The fact it isn’t in round two means the poll is flawed!


Here’s my ranking and reasoning:

  1. Animal Kingdom Lodge, because it has the very best restaurants in WDW on site
  2. Boardwalk, because it has very good options on site (Boardwalk) and is within walking distance of Epcot, Swolphin, and HS, and Skyliner to Riviera, CBR, etc.
  3. SSR, because it is within walking distance to DS, which has many good and a few great options
  4. Tie between other Epcot area resorts that have similar options as BW but not as convenient
  5. Tie between all MK area resorts, which have relatively easy access to each other via Monorail/ferry, especially options at GF and Contemporary
  6. CBR/Riviera for same reason as #4, but slightly less convenient to Epcot and BW
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I’m picking CBR for the same reason I picked BW. Skyliner access is > bus access,.and CBR gets you Riviera and all Cresent Lake.


I picked GF because not only are you on site for Citrocos, Grand Floridian Cafe, 1900 Park Fare (if it ever reopens), and Victoria & Alberts (though not in most people’s budgets), …but you are a monorail away for California Grill, Steakhouse 71, Ohana, & Kona, and a boat ride (or monorail & boat ride) away from Artist Point, Whispering Canyon Cafe, and Geyser Point.

Also, a monorail away from any of the dining options in MK, although I would whittle that down to Skipper’s Canteen and leave the rest off the list. :upside_down_face:

That isn’t including the buffet at Fort Wilderness, Trader Sam’s, or Captain Cooks.

Those are a lot of amazing dining options, at a lot of different price points, …and it doesn’t have to just be GF as resort choice…it could be any of the three monorail resorts and tangentially WL/FW.


I chose CSR because Barcelona Lounge, Dahlia Lounge, Toledo, and Three Bridges

PLUS Rix Sports Bar which gets decent marks from folks and is - I think - the only sports bar on site now (farewell ESPN)


Totally agree. It’s about the access.


It’s been a few days since this poll closed but just wanted to acknowledge that we have a winner!

With 52% of the vote, Animal Kingdom Lodge has won for best resort dining. Being home to Jiko, Boma, and Sanaa, it’s hard to argue that this isn’t a top contender! But be sure to look through the other rounds and read up on why folks voted for some of the other resorts.