Poll: Pick a Disneyland Cover Photo 8/18

  • Carsland
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Grizzly River Rapids

We’re selecting a new cover image for the 2015 Unofficial Guide to Disneyland. We accidentally left a placeholder image from 2011 in the cover art, and it went to the printer. On the plus side, those of you who miss the Maliboomer and Orange Stinger can have one last, glorious look.

We have 12 possible replacements for the cover photo. In a series of polls this week, I’ll be asking you to choose which one should win. Here are the first 3:

Carsland photo:

Cheshire Cat photo:

Grizzly River Run photo:

None. The GRR photo is cool, but not for a cover. The only one that strikes me as a cover photo is the Carsland photo, but you just did that for 2014.

GRR pic is beautiful. Of these three, that’s my favorite.

Here is my first post in the forum. My vote was for Carsland. My DS10 first movie was Cars. When he wanted to meet lightening we took him to DL in 2007, that’s that was the only M&G. Then we went back to DL after Carslands was complete. We have great memories!

Is the GRR one a piece of concept art instead of a photo? If it is an actual photo, take one vote away from photo #1 and put it on that one… I’m just not a fan of concept art for a book cover unless it is concept art for something that will be opening after the book is published.

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That was my exact thought

Of the three, the GRR is my favourite as well. :smile:

I too say GRR… I think AAA so cal. Tour guide 2014 has the carsland pic on front if their cover.

I voted for Cheshire Cat - not because it’s really my favorite but because it’s the only image from Disneyland. A Disneyland cover photo should be just that - imho.


DD said Cheshire too… I didn’t even notice that GRR isn’t the Disneyland one… Didn’t know there was more than one… learn new things everyday…: )

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The GRR picture is my favorite of these 3, but do think the cover should have a Disneyland tie-in (not California Adventure).

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Gotta vote for Cheshire Cat too, as others said should be Disneyland related. @mascardofamily the GRR pic is photo of the ride.

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I also vote GRRRRR!!! (Sorry a little excited)

Voted GRR. Great picture.