Poll: Pick a Disneyland Cover 8/22

  • Disneyland Castle at Night
  • Partners Statue
  • Purple Castle

Vote for one of the 3 images below.

Disneyland Castle at Night

Partners Statue

Purple Castle


I voted for the castle at night but really like the partners picture. I think it would be more appealing to see the castle if you've never been to DL.


I like the purple castle picture, but it will give people the impression that that Sleeping Beauty's castle is almost as big a Cinderella's castle in WDW.


I chose The Partners Statue. For the upcoming 60th, it seems so appropriate for Walt to be overlooking his dream. The only way for the photo viewer to take in that vision is a trip to the park!


I chose the Partners statue too, because it's less busy and brighter than castle ones.


Disneyland Castle at night is the one.. That is such a beautiful shot!


All are beautiful! but I think with the 60th Anniversary coming up the first one just puts a more celebration feel to it..


I like the first castle picture, at night. The fireworks are great for the 60th celebration.


I think to many the castle is Disney- add Walt, Mickey and fireworks and you have magic!


Picked the castle at night with fireworks, saw it first and literaly let out a gasp on how beautiful it was, no question for me, then hearing 60th celebration "I" think we have a winner


Castle at night! Fireworks, lovely color on the castle, the statue sillouette! This image is gorgeous!