Poll: Liners that have gone to DW during Easter weeks

…please share what your feels-like experience was like with regards to crowds/wait times. TP does not currently forecast crazy crowd levels for Easter week 2022. In addition, crowd levels for Easter weeks the past few years have had a wide range, anywhere from 3-10. (I’m NOT counting 2020 and 2021 as the pandemic caused havoc to normal patterns those years). Most Disney fan sites caution that Easter week in DW is crazy (as in Christmas week crazy with wall to wall people) but the previous reported TP crowd levels do not indicate that. I would LOVE to hear what your experiences were like. I’m hoping to go back to DW for the first time post-pandemic craziness during Easter 2022. I purposely picked Easter week over February Break week as the latter consistently showed crowd levels of 9-10.

I haven’t been, but just wanted to mention that Easter tends to be crazy when it clashes with Spring Break. I believe that’s not the case next year and that’s why CLs are lower.

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It makes sense that Spring Break colliding with Easter week creates higher CLs. However, I assumed that ALL grade/middle/high school spring breaks tend to be around Easter, so I was surprised to see that CLs didn’t seem to reflect that. Maybe I’m wrong and the rest of the country keeps spring break earlier when Easter falls later in the spring? And I think college spring break tends to be more in March.

So in all, maybe Easter week being in mid-April will miss many school spring breaks and result in more moderate CLs? #fingerscrossed

Spring break weeks tend to be mid March through early April, some districts align to Easter, but even those districts often won’t push all the way out to mid/late April for the occasional years when Easter is really late.

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In 2017, @SteveBloom wrote an excellent blog about how TP gathers data from many schools over several years, for their many school breaks that happen during a calendar year. You can see how various areas have different relationships between the timing of Easter and spring break (whether the school break moves or stays in place).

In Iowa, several decades ago, it seemed like the only K-12 schools with spring breaks were in college towns (with larger colleges). In the past couple of decades it seems like the state universities have coordinated better on exactly which week to have off, and so have the K-12 schools near them - and more of the smaller districts now have spring breaks, too.


Thanks for the link!

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I am going to caution that crowd levels predictions can and do change.

2022 Easter week is also the NE spring break (all but NH?). NY does not always align every April, but it will in 2022.

Gold APs are blacked out two times a year. Christmas is always the same range but Easter is the second time. April 9-22 is blocked in 2022.

I have been in WDW when Easter has been close to April school vacation week (the week of Easter this year). I am once again booked for President’s week

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I was going the same time, last year before cancelled. Crowd level went up
As we approached the Spring. Last year it was also late. After Easter is still spring break for a lot of schools.

We were excited for the weather and was also told as you get away from Easter the better the week gets. I think there were a lot of positives to go in the spring, but I wouldn’t expect low crowds.


How much do you all think the the 50th anniversary celebration will affect spring dates?

I’m scheduled to go the week after Easter (4/24 - 4/30). I picked late spring hoping it will be in that sweet spot of just far enough away from the start of the celebration and before the summer crowds start up.

I’m assuming the 50th will push up crowds most drastically in October 2021, at the start of the 18 month celebration. But I wouldn’t think it would significantly push up crowds for the week you’re describing as it’s not a typical spring break week that late.