Poll: Dividing time between WDW and UOR?

I’m not sure when our next trip will be - definitely not this year - but since when does that stop one from planning? If you were planning an 9 day trip and doing UOR for the first time with two kids under the age of 10, how would you divide it up? It might be worth noting that they’re really tall - I’m pretty sure they can ride any ride at WDW - and have been to WDW twice before. Oh, and one likes Harry Potter but neither is a die-hard fan, and both enjoy moderate coasters like SDD and BTMR. They’ve never tried anything more extreme. Assume no parks on the travel days and one rest day, so we’re dealing with 6 park days.

  • Spend all six park days at UOR.
  • Five days at UOR and one at WDW.
  • Four days at UOR and two days at WDW.
  • Three days at UOR and three at WDW.
  • Two days at UOR and four at WDW.
  • One day at UOR and five at WDW.
  • Spend all six park days at WDW.

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If it’s a busy time, I’d do 2 days at UOR with Express Pass or 3 days without EP.

We did 2.5 days with EP during a not busy time and had tons and tons of time to do re-rides (I think our final Hagrid’s count was 6 or 7 times), shows, explore the HP areas (we got wands and did all the spells). Assuming you take advantage of early entry to explore HP before it gets crowded, 2 days is probably more than sufficient, especially if you are skipping the more extreme coasters (Hulk, RRR, new Velocicoaster).


Agree, maybe tweens I would do 3 and 3.


My plan for when I return is to do one night at a UOR hotel that includes unlimited express pass. That way we’ll have 2 days with Express pass and should be able to do tons of stuff. I’ll likely make that the final park days of the trip so we don’t have to go from no lines at UOR to waiting in line at WDW.


Oh! I had a very similar trip in 2018. 12 day stay, with DS8 who had been before, but not since he was a toddler, and before HP was even open for us adults!

We had planned 1 UOR day, ended up going back 4 more times.

DS was also tall for his age, and that meant he could go on things. That almost worked against him as Forbidden Journey really freaked him out. He was able to really self moderate after that though. So Simpsons was a yes from him (also iffy because of his motion sickness), but Hulk was a hard no. He enjoyed the rest of the things he did, mostly playing on the slide in the kids area tbh. He did love the aspect of a new park to explore and my love of HP kept them entertained for a while as I dragged them around trying to explain things.

We kept adding more days though because we loved having Express Pass during the more crowded times plus the theming, it made for a nice getaway from the Pop Warner kids.

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This is the true travel hack right here. Cannot recommend this enough.