Poll: Best image for the 2016 Unofficial Guide cover?

Here’s a quick poll:

  • Option 1

  • Option 2

  • Option 3

Trying this again… 3. I like the color contrast between the fire and the sky.

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@Lentesta, the photos disappeared again. I give up. Put me down for #3. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to vote, but don’t see any choices. Does this mean you’ll just end up with Animal Kingdom on the cover no matter what we say?



Tried on two different browsers, but I also don’t see any choices. ??

@Lentesta. – would like to do poll but still cannot see pictures!

I vote Animal Kingdom, even if it’s not an option!

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Oddly enough, the images appeared in the email I received when people replied to my post, so I vote for #3. It’s the most eye-catching. In the unlikely event anyone actually purchases a book in a book store, this would draw people to you book better than the others. It’s also somewhat timely, as the Festival of Fantasy parade would be new to this year’s book.

Is it a picture of me?


@Lentesta, can you post a link? You are such a tease!

I really wish I could see the pictures…


Oh! I can see them if I hit Len’s edit pen in the post!

I understand what people say about #3, but I think the castle needs to be in the picture so I say #2!

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I like #2!

2 is my favorite of the set but I’m not that thrilled by any of them


This is such a bizarre post, but I found that (in addition to the email summary I received when someone replied to one of my earlier posts) I can see the pictures if I click on the little pencil icon at the top of Len’s post (next to the time of the post).


I like #2 also.

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#2- it’s qunitessential (sp?) Disney!! (I’ve always wanted to use that word in a sentence…)

slightly off topic… DD8 picked up the 2011 guide and noticed there were different pictures on each cover…she thought that because the pictures were different, the ride that was on the 2011 wasn’t there anymore…(I think it was the teacup ride, or maybe the dinosaur spin one…my brain is fried from working nights!)