Polite pig v D'lux or both?

We leave in 9 days for our upcoming trip. Dh and i are leaving the other kids behind and taking dd4 by herself to celebrate kindergarten. We are planning to go disney springs for lunch and we have the standard dining plan. I would much rather do D’lux but DH would rather do Polite Pig, so here are the questions:

  1. If I can only pick one which would you go to?
  2. Can i mobile order D’lux and online order Polite for each of us and then eat somewhere else?
  3. How does online ordering work at Polite with the dining plan?

Thanks! Any and all help is appreciated

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Have not done Deluxe burger. It Polite Pig was awesome. Delicious, great hybrid service (counter/table), reasonably priced for Disney, great location

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Polite Pig is outstanding. There are so many great places to eat at DS now but I would go there again before trying some others!

I would say you’d get an entree & drink per the QS dining plan guidelines. Any of the sides would be additional unless they come with a main as an “entree”.

Deluxe Burger seems to get mixed reviews. It’s burgers and fries (and some chicken sandwiches).

You can take your orders to go in either place and find some seating elsewhere if you like.


I’ve done both and really like both. I know D’Luxe gets mixed reviews, but we have loved our burgers there every time we have been.
On the dining plan I think Polite Pig would be a much better use of a dining credit.

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I am trying not to get trapped into eating some place because its the best value on the dining plan. I am leaning toward having DH order polite pig when we get there and just mobile order dlux for me. Do you think i could bring my togo order into polite pig?

You make such a good point about not eating places based on dining plan value (although Polite Pig is really yummy.) I think you could bring other food in, but I have not tried doing that. There is outside seating available (at both locations).

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Thanks, outside seating should be perfect! If we get a meal from both places we can share!

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I love them both so I think that’s a great choice.