Policy for Unused MNSSHP tickets

Hello all,

Just out of curiosity, if I were to be unable to use my MNSSHP tickets, would Disney at least give me credit towards a future ticket purchase? I know they’re non-refundable in terms of I won’t get my money directly back but was wondering if they at least apply it towards the above?

Last year I purchased some for one date, then quickly changed my mind to go another day - I called them, and said it was an honest mistake. The person I spoke to was very nice and changed the tickets to a different day for me, but alluded to the fact that they are really shouldn’t be transferred, refunded, etc.

Thanks for letting me know!

People have posted that despite the “non-refundable” language they have gotten refunds for party tickets - I guess it depends on how “magic” the CM you are talking to is.

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