Pokemon go friend codes


I’m on a mission to figure out this forum thingy after years on chat. Here goes my first post. Please add your code if wishing to add Liner Friends to Pokemon Go Friends. My Liner name is jwoodardpu. My pokemon name is Disney fan 71. And my code is 4523 3892 3579.


Sent you a friend request from another Disney fan from Trainer name mammavarn


My Username is JamesDuet… the past month I haven’t been as active but I’m getting back to it.

Let’s be friends in Pokémon GO! My Trainer Code is 6984 1815 7176!


Me, too! I’ll send you both a request, but for others, here’s my Trainer Code: 8010 5214 0628.

My user name is Calyptephile. Thanks for starting this thread!