Points that will expire and be lost - need advice

Because of our cancelled trip, which was booked in part with points that had been banked forward from 2018, I have 98 points that are going to expire and be lost as of 11/30.

I am trying to think of what to do with them:

  1. Rent them privately
  2. Rent them through a brokerage
  3. Book a room for the trip that is for my DD 16th birthday trip scheduled for October that is more than likely NOT going to happen (which would ultimately mean the points are lost when we don’t travel)
  4. Just let them go.

I think renting is not a big deal at this point. If for some reason my renter backed out, I would lose nothing because if I don’t rent them I would just lose the points anyway. Does that make sense? I would hold the funds until they checked in just in case, so that I would have the funds on hand to make whatever refund was agreed upon. I could make a little cash by renting them if all went well.


As opposed to having to deal with the hassle of renting points, what about a transfer to another owner? That way you are free and clear and don’t have to worry about managing a rental. Mouseowners.com has a Rent/Trade/Transfer board in their Forum.

That’s a thought too.

RCI could also be an option?

I’m a white card. Do I have RCI access? I don’t know a thing about it. If I am eligible, where would I find resources?

Oh, I don’t know if that is a blue card benefit? I had a calendar reminder that if I was rolling my August UY points I had to call DVC by June 15th or so- so I think it is 45 days before they expire? When you call member service there should be an option? I know when I talked to member service in December when I was trying to decide what I would do with my expiring points they said there was a division that dealt with RCI.

I ended up losing (well, I will- 27 points). I rented them out instead of putting them in RCI. That did not work out.

Looks like you can?


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Remind me how it didn’t work out?

I guess I’m looking at renting as a “might win, but if I lose I’m no worse off than if I do nothing” kind of situation.

If I use them to rebook for October, a trip that probably isn’t happening, then I have no chance of a win, and a 100% chance of losing

If I do nothing with them, it’s a 100% chance of losing.

Mine just didn’t work out because I knew a family would not want to travel to Disney from out of state for a few nights in June, even at AKL. I refunded the money. It would have worked out and the DVC Rental Store actually asked me if I kept it because they had a local family that would have taken it. I had already cancelled to save my borrowed points.

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I think you could exchange them for a long weekend somewhere in the NE area in RCI. If you book October and mid September (before The 14th or so) you could always decide if you should cancel and do RCI?

I really don’t know how long it will be before a NE school with not freak out about a FL trip.

Yeah that’s why I figure October isn’t happening. So rebooking a room on points is the second least attractive option

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You can’t transfer banked points. :frowning:

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Really? Wow! I didn’t know that.

You can put them into RCI. I think normally it’s 45 days before they expire but they may have waived that for now.

I did what you suggested for renting them. It was to another liner, and I’m holding the money (in $) in case they can’t go.

First time renting privately, seemed daunting but all OK. I just used a standard rental agreement and added some clumsy wording about parks &/or resorts being closed. And if I have to refund then I’m not actually out of pocket this time.

I wouldn’t go through a broker. The main two sites have something like 2.5k of confirmed rentals listed between them. Chances are small IMO. Why not just post a thread in the main forum and see. People will trust you so you have nothing to lose.

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Didn’t realize that. Yet another strike against DVC imo.