Point me to the food!

My father-in-law and I created a list before our last trip of all of our Disney must-have food and all the usual suspects made the list (dole whip, mickey ice cream, waffles, etc) but I found that many of the things that appeared in blog posts were no longer in the parks (perhaps a seasonal thing or I was looking at old posts). Anyway, my idea for this next trip was to literally click on every menu in every park on the Disney site and just make a list of things that look good. However, my gut is telling me (pun intended) that the Disney site just isn’t going to capture everything.

So, show me the most comprehensive Disney food sites and resources! Please.

My waistline thanks you!

There’s a vlog called Disney Food Blog. A google search will pull up Youtube videos and the website


The allears.net site has menus for every restaurant at WDW. They are not always 100% up to date but they are pretty good.

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Here’s the Disney Food Blog
Not only do they cover all the dining really well, the videos are just really well-produced. There are many people who vlog about WDW, but often are just not very fun to watch. DFB is also up-to-date. You’ll want to check back often, because WDW changes their menu quite a lot.


I am going to suggest TP lines app (do a search for snack items) or AllEars. I hate to say it but I have recently developed concerns about DFB’s reporting. (My personal issue)


I haven’t really looked at them since summer, what’s up?

My issue:

This post. https://www.disneyfoodblog.com/2020/02/02/news-disney-worlds-magic-kingdom-dessert-parties-just-got-a-major-upgrade/

This section:

“We called and spoke with a Cast Member who said, as far as the system showed on their end, that all three Dessert Parties, including the Plaza Garden Viewing option, were listed as including alcohol.”

I struggle with many podcasts and blogs reporting alcohol at HEA as something that just showed up this month, when it was reported here in September. I struggle with anyone that reports on Disney relying on info they get by calling…I have a low tolerance but I have seen this blog post posted about 30 times since the 1st and people are relying on the wrong info.

Oh! There is no alcohol at the before party. That is why it is not listed on the Disney site. That is why it costs $10 cheaper. That is why someone commented below. Of course, it is common these days for inaccurate info to be posted and authors to ignore the corrections :wink:

Rant over! Sorry!


If you’re going during one of the Epcot festivals, and you’re interested in the food & drink at the festival booths, I suggest the WDW Food&Wine app. Easy to use, and the app lists all of the menu items at the booths. Especially helpful if you’re scoping out options in advance.


I started to say something similar, but backed away from it. I think if you just want lists, DFB is fine. But beyond that I really dislike it. I mean on the upside it’s cheerful and it’s about Disney. But from there it’s downhill for me. It’s like click bait. You’re promised info, but you get fluff. There are no actual opinions. The upshot is Disney is nice. It has food, events, hotels and attractions all of which are unfailingly perfect. It’s the equivalent of cotton candy.

Not that I feel strongly about this or anything. I kind of dislike v/bloggers generally, because most of them run out of things to say, but keep pumping out content.

I do like Easywdw and DTB, but they have less lists.


They do churn out the content on that site, for sure. AJ is a great deal more tolerable than a lot of vloggers, however, I can’t say that I’ve looked that hard at the info so you are probably right. Since the vlog is based in TX, I’ve wondered exactly how it is that they have so much knowledge of WDW. :rofl:

Exactly my issue with it.

DFB did steer me to the Violet Vanilla Blueberry Cronut, though, and for that I’m forever in their debt. :two_hearts:

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what? where? Tell me now! haha. Sounds awesome!

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I’m not sure it is fair to blame them in this case. Disney’s own website is terribly confusing on this point. If you go and try to look, you end up being brought to the same information. Look here:

Here is the After fireworks information:

Here is the before fireworks information:

You’re correct that alcohol isn’t mentioned in the second case, but in the first case, why is it saying to go to the Tomorrowland Plaza FIRST 60 minutes before the fireworks? That confused me. Then, starting Feb. 1, price goes up. And starting Feb. 1, alcohol is available. But when you scroll down on the page to see this detail, it is no longer clear which party you are actually looking at.

It is laid out so strangely that I’ve gone back to these pages OVER AND OVER again to make any sense of it, and I still confuse myself, finding I’m looking at a different party than I thought I was. Once you click on a heading, the page looks, at first glance, like you’re just re-loading the same page.

If you look at the Terrace viewing party, you’ll see it, again, looks similar:

I think Disney could do a far better job differentiating these by making the pricing for all three explicited listed on a single page, where you can then expand what is different about each one. Instead, you have to find the one you want, expand, then look at the pricing.

The three parties and the addition of alcohol were noted here in September.

Yes, liners were the only ones that noticed and I guess I could over look that. My issue is that you have a post that announces that it is all three parties. The author l own the website does not say that but is relying on vague info they got by calling. We all know you cannot rely on that info but they wrote it as fact. A lot, and I mean a lot of people read things on that site and make decisions based on their posts (not the only ones). All of us know the phone people are not dependable reporter. Why doesn’t the staff at DFB know that basic fact?

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To also follow up @ryan1, there are three parties and each also has their own page. The Terrace is under cover, seated, party starts and hour before with beer and wine. It has a separate section of the terrace.

The garden has a before and after party. The desserts and party section is in an interior section of the terrace (by the QS). That has beer and wine only for the after party. The before party (no alcohol) is $79 , after is $89 and Terrace is $99.

I assume anything I can write about without researching the DFB should be able to write about after researching -my issue

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There was a stand by Test Track (Taste Track?) that sold them- vanilla custard in the middle of a cronut, with blueberry frosting and a real, tiny violet on top. The fam was riding TT, so I got one to share. But I ate it. So then I got another for them, which wasn’t enough, so we got yet another. Needless to say, all 3 were fabulous! Not sure if they make them year-round, this was during the F & G festival- but there probably is another fabulous variation on the theme available. Yum.

Yes…that is my point, though. Everytime I would click on a heading that supposedly took me to one of the other two parties, it kept looking like I was taken to the same exact page, based on what fit on the screen. I had to keep scrolling up and down before I started to realize that it wasn’t the same information. But my first inclination when, for example, I clicked on the Terrace party was that it was identical to the information from the Garden After Party page I had just been on.

I blame Disney for this for making it so confusing. Yes, the information is there…but I shouldn’t have to work so hard at deciphering it!