Point and Shoot Camera?

What is your fav point and shoot camera? I am overwhelmed by all the options out there. In particular I am looking for one that is wifi enabled so I can post directly to instagram/FB/ect.

Links to info would also be appreciated. Looking for a new one for my trip later this year :slight_smile:


I’ve found that my iPhone takes really good pictures, so I don’t have a little point and shoot anymore. I carry a Nikon DSLR when I want to take nice pictures, and just carry my phone when I want snapshots. Hopefully someone with a different sort of camera use patterns can help you out.

I am generally a fan of Nikon products (my DSLR is Nikon). If I was looking for a PaS camera, I would start there. Nikon | Imaging Products | Compact Digital Cameras (COOLPIX Series) This is still a LOT to choose from, but it really comes down to looking at the features and balancing that against cost. Picture size and zoom are two major variables, and they are nice enough to list that data on the main page. Here’s a comparison page http://www.nikonusa.com/fileuploads/pdfs/CoolpixCompare.pdf I am certain that any one of these would be excellent at what it does; but it’s up to you to determine what it is you want it to do…


We just use the Canon Power Shoot cameras. DH got me a cute pink one for Christmas years ago, and then we bought another one last year at Costco when it was on special. They take decent photos, they’re cheap, they’re fairly sturdy (most of the reason we got a 2nd one was b/c I’ve dropped the pink one a good 10 times), and small. So I put my phone in one pocket, the little camera in the other, and tour the parks! We have taken the DSLR, but it’s also nice just to have the little ones.

I also have to agree with @SallyEppcot. I could never voluntarily go without my DSLR, but if I’m looking for convenience, my iPhone 5S really does the job. Especially given the numerous photo editing apps, it’s perfect for a quick shot and an on-line upload. And with enough PhotoShop work, I can get them to look almost as good as a DSLR (as long as you don’t use the phone’s “zoom” function…)


Loving this conversation. I am going to have to go back and review the links later this week when I have more brain power. I do have an iPhone 5s and it is just so darn convenient.

I’ve got a sony nex 5r with a twin lens kit. It’s an inbetweener! Slightly bigger than a point and shoot and a lot smaller than a dlsr. I used the 18-50mm lens at dlr last year as it is small and the pictures were great. I love that it’s got a proper lens! It’s my favourite little travel camera at the moment. Is good in low light and also good with motion blur -like for when the kids won’t stay put! There’s quite a few in the nex range with varying features Amazon.com : Sony nex 5

If you’re looking at point and shoot I’ve got a friend with a canon and I think that’s a winner. I’ve got a Nikon. I think it’s ok but nowhere near comparable to my nex.

I have gone with the Canon Powershot for the last 10 years and had amazing results. Also not expensive. Also use my IPhone 5s as a decent backup…love both. in UK money my latest powershot which I got a couple of ago was on half price offer of £78, its a Cannon powershot sx170 is.

I just bought a Canon Power Shot sx510 on clearance at Target. WiFi enabled, which I was looking for too. So far so good. Still quite new to it though!

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