POFQ vs YC vs WL

DH and I are trying to plan our next trip, and want to try a hotel we've never stayed at before. We use PH every night to eat at Epcot, so would love to stay at Yacht Club, but the price is a little off-putting to us. We are also considering Wilderness Lodge and French Quarter because we like the themeing and the price is a little less. We also spend most of our vacation time in the parks, so I wanted to ask liner opinions on their views of these hotels, and if moving up to deluxe resorts is "worth it".

When are you going? Are you including discounts?

Not including discounts yet, but we usually get a room only discount which works for us. Going mid-June.

I know YC averaged $290 a night this year for discounts. At times FQ has not been included but would still be cheaper. How many nights? Have you considered a split stay?

We're going for 7 nights. Not thrilled by the idea of a split stay really for this trip.

If the $300 is too much I would pick FQ. Transportation to EP from WL would take as long if not longer than FQ and should save you money.

All great picks. Tough to choose. Since you haven't done POFQ, go for it. Best moderate on property and can compete with any resort in terms of theming.

I like both FQ and WL. We recently stayed VWL and really enjoyed it. We rented points and got a studio for what I paid at FQ. I like the dinner options better at WL. Can't go wrong with either one.

Yacht Club is an awesome place.. but if its not on sale or a big price difference I wouldnt stay there. More money in your pocket for other fun stuff always wins IMO.

Port Orleans is one of my favorite resorts and if FQ is a settlement then thats one fine settlement IMO... WL I am least in favor of from all of these.. unless its a DVC room I wouldnt bother if the price difference is sizable from FQ.

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Thanks for all of your input. Like I said we are huge Epcot fans, but the price difference is large enough for us to not commit to the BC/YC area yet.

Any idea on where to find info on Disney historical discounts? Looking for number of/types of rooms each resort has available at room-only discount.

We got YC in Feb for just under $300 a night, think it was 37% discount or something.. and we got upgraded to Club Level. Thats about the best I have seen.

This should help -

How'd you get upgraded @elslav - any tricks to share. Was it due to low occupancy? Did you ask kindly at check in...? I'll be at YC early Nov smile

It was a last minute booking, literally the day before. We showed up to desk they said OH! you are Club Level, lemme call them down. Seems like we were just chosen, but I always call and book my rooms. I have no idea if that does anything but I like to chit chat and tell them it was a special trip for me and my wife - which it was.

We've been upgraded quite a few times doing things this way.. so its my superstition that I do it that way. My wife made a reservation for a weekend trip in June and she did call, but she online checked in against my wishes (I am superstitious that doing that doesn't help upgrades) and our room at Coronado Springs was MILES from everything in a high traffic area frowning

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Thanks for the tips!

Maybe consider a split stay? POFQ followed by a night or two at the YC w a focus on EP [and DHS] including drinking/eating F&W depending on the timing of your trip.

Is June non negotiable? Have had BC in late August for <$200/night.

Yep, it has to be June this summer. We will be moving later in the summer

We decided on WL due to cost and overall feel of the resort. Booked today- 288 day countdown!!! smile

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