It’s been more than a decade since I stayed at POFQ, and am considering another trip there for the Christmas season next year. Looking at bookings, I was wondering about the different views. Given that these rooms are outdoor entry, does it matter so much? Is the river view worth it (or does the boat make too much noise?). I’m thinking either Garden or River view so we don’t get a parking lot and isn’t too noisy…

I paid for a garden view once and beyond the smallest garden was the parking lot… buyer beware :wink: :rofl: not worth the extra cost. I called the front desk to ask why I was looking at the parking lot and they asked if I could see the garden that separated me from the parking lot b/c that was my garden view :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

We were upgraded to river view last trip and wow, the view! It was gorgeous and we never heard the boats. We were building 6 (6129) facing up the river and the walking path to POR. We left the blinds and curtains open all the time we were in the room except for sleeping so we could glance up and see it. I was converted to paying for a view.

Except… when I started researching for next year’s trip, a lot of the river views are actually a bit crap. I’m doing garden view because I had to for the U.K. offer and you do seem to stand a better chance of getting a nice view. That said, if I didn’t have to I’d have got standard and not thought twice about the view. You can’t see the car park from any of the standard rooms, you might end up facing bins or whatever in which case I’d just shut the curtains.

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Ok. You both convinced me. Just booked POFQ standard view for Nov 30 to Dec 4, 2022.


POFQ has been on my bucket list for a while (already a huge fan of POR). I am splurging on my solo trip for the Epic Liner Meet in July to stay there so I couldn’t rationalize spending more $$ for anything more than Standard.

I am very excited to finally stay at POFQ!


Last time we were there we had a River view - it was nice coming/going from the room, but that was the only time you really noticed it. It isn’t something that you enjoy while sitting in the room really as there is no balcony. No issues with the boat - the outdoor entry rooms are noise sealed fairly well out of necessity.

Think the only argument I’d really make for considering River view is at least when we were last there the price bump per night for the view wasn’t that much - now that may have changed since we were there though…