POFQ transportation questions

  1. Is a parking pass required to be hanging or visible in the vehicle? We are planning to drop the car off and take a boat to disney springs while we wait for our room to be ready. I was just wondering if I need to stop at the front desk first for a parking pass.
  2. Taking the boat to disney springs, what time do the boats actually start running? I think busses start running earlier than the website posted “45 minutes prior to park opening”, so I was wondering if the boats run earlier as well?
  3. Sanity check: buses run earlier than 45 min prior to park opening, right? Lol

In normal times - parks opening at 9 with one having EMH at 8 - the buses start running about 6.30. I don’t know how early they are running at the moment.

I don’t think they give out parking passes anymore - we didn’t have one in 2016, but I saw reports from others who did at that time. We didn’t have a car this year.

We never got the boat early so can’t answer that, they must have told us but I don’t remember.

According to this


The boats start at 10. I am thinking that is right. If I remember correctly buses are at 9 and the boat at 10 to DS?

You do not need a parking pass. The guard will let you in when you arrive.