POFQ room

We are a family of 4 travelling in late Sept and staying at POFQ.
I have been looking at the room views on here and am getting excited about our stay :slight_smile:

Does anyone have any tips on what would suit us best if I was to configure a room request fax.
Myself, husband and 2 teen daughters 15 & 17.
We have booked a Garden View room.

I will not be spending a lot of time looking at the view as such, (although it is pretty) as we have busy days planned, but am wondering if it is best to get a room on the top level, middle or ground.

I have read that toilets are very loud here :slight_smile: Like an aeroplane toilet :slight_smile:
From what I can see, the resort looks small enough to not have to worry about it taking me 15 mins to walk to the bus stop.

I am hoping to get any thoughts from anyone on here that has stayed at this lovely resort.

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That’s funny you say that because I only stayed at PORQ once. Loved the theming and how quick everything was but the toilets were frustrating as I am a really light sleeper. We were on the ground floor so I think I would go up!


I thought it was just me


I think you’ll love POFQ. We were just there in December and it was great. I’d recommend 3rd floor, and we had great luck with Building 4. Very short walk to the bus and food court. And only a short walk to the river and boat dock.
We had standard view, but in Bldg. 4, if you get in the middle section, its set back and feels like garden view.
Also…beignets!! :grinning:

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