POFQ Room Requests

We are booked for 1/18-1/25 and I was wondering what the best room request would be through Touring Plans for POFQ. We have Garden View reservations and was hoping to see Epcot Fireworks if possible.

Also, we will have our teenage sons with us who are already arguing about sleeping in the same bed. Would POFQ provide a cot/rollaway bed and if so how do I go about that?

We have never paid for garden or river view because the rooms do not have private balconies and we are either at the parks or sleeping/resting. As far as I know, you can’t see fireworks from POFQ, but I can’t say for sure because we are always in a park at that time. Call the resort about the roll-away.

I never heard of seeing Fireworks from POR or POFQ. Definitely call about the roll away because although the beds are queens they seemed on the small side to me. (Our last stay POR Royal Court room May 2019.) Good idea to avoid sibling conflict.

You cannot see the fireworks from POFQ. The queen beds are very high off the ground–great for storing luggage underneath them, but hard to climb into if you are short. Also, the mattresses seem to slope down on the edges. We asked housekeeping for a stool so I could get into bed more easily. We had a garden view, but I agree it wasn’t really used. The gardens are just around a corner if you don’t have one and it is easy to walk along the river for a peaceful bit of relaxation.

FWIW, my favorite POFQ garden view rooms are in buildings 2 and 5. They seem more centrally located, even though everything at POFQ is a short walk away.