POFQ questions.. Room only luggage transfer & cots

I’ve got two teenage boys - trying to avoid sibling contact if possible. Anyone ever get a cot at POFQ?

Also - we have a room only stay at the end of our vacation - Disney only offerred a 6 night but we needed 7 so I got a room only for our last night. Would like to stay in same room and if not - will Disney transfer our luggage for us?

We have a 1 night stay at POFQ and then a 9 night stay on a bounce back offer also at POFQ. I has already made my requests for specific room numbers for the 9 night stay. So, when I called to made the one night reservation and asked to have the same room number request added to this one and the CM said that they try very hard to keep people in the same room in this situation. He said it is less work for them.
Having just been there with a pack and play in the room, I can imagine, if you could even get a rollaway bed at POFQ, how very crowded the room would be with a roll away bed.

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I believe they no longer have cots. Most people bring an air mattress.

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