POFQ or FW Cabins?

Hello peeps! Me taking two boys (5&7) to WDW by myself March 2-9. Possible that my 75 year old parents will join us. Two options:

  • POFQ - cute rooms, small resort, fun pool.
  • FW Cabins - They just sound cool, but I’m worried the resort is too spread out and getting around will be a huge pain. We did WL before and loved it, but the boat is that much further away. Are most of the activities included at FW?
    Help me peeps. Any other thoughts/ideas?
    Given that the Canadian peso is crashing, trying to keep it affordable.

I think it’s just a matter of what you like better. If I was going to stay Mod, POFQ would be my first choice. I think FW would probably be last choice of any of the WDW resorts; “rustic” does nothing for me.

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Agree, POFQ. I think getting around FW would be a pain. WL is my kind of rustic, not a cabin in Florida. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think the are kind of polar opposites. People love POFQ because it is so compact and everything is nearby. FW cabins OTOH a real spread out enough that a golf cart is advisable. And the cost difference is somewhat substantial. I often feel it’s a mod at deluxe prices. Someday I’d like to stay at the cabins, but it will be for a longer trip and at just the right time for us that we will truly enjoy it.

A friend of mind took her family to the FW cabins after years of always going to WDW and staying in regular rooms. They have 4 kids and their youngest was too old for them to squeeze in a 5-person room anymore. She liked it! There are golf carts that you rent for length of stay, and her kids enjoyed driving it around to go get things. She did a Garden Grocery order, so they could do breakfast in the cabin. It was a different sort of vacation for them than all of their other WDW trips, but enjoyable.