We have a reservation for POFQ but my husband is a little concerned with bus travel to parks, etc. with a double stroller. We usually stay at the Contemporary but they didn’t have any availability. FQ is a bit appealing since my daughter loves Tiana and it’s the same setting, but obviously easy travel to parks is most important. CBR is under refurbishment. It would be the same exact price. Is it easier to travel from CBR? Would it be worth it? We are going to MK two days, Epcot one day and AK for one day. All early mornings with ADR or rope drop. TIA!

CBR has always been notorious for having one of the worst bus services. I’ve read on other posts/forums that it has only gotten worse since the construction. According the POFQ Door-to-Door Commuting Times Chart - POFQ beats CBR at almost every park (using Disney Transportation).

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POFQ is centrally located and has only one bus stop. It is a much better choice.

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I would pick POFQ too…compact resort, short walks to the food court, bus stop or to the boat to Disney Springs…the buses were a very efficient way to get to the parks…all relatively short rides.

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Good to know. I’ll stick with the original plan unless by some miracle Contemporary becomes available :stuck_out_tongue:

We stayed at POFQ in July. I agree with what others have said. I would recommend you request building 4. It puts you near the bus stop as well as the main building and pool. The buses were rarely full and people with strollers didn’t seem to have an issue. Granted, it will also depend on if you will be there at a “busy” time. Of course, more people means fuller buses.

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That’s true, but the OP should be advised that, depending on demand level, POFQ can share the bus with Riverside.

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I’ve never stayed at CBR, but I’m aware from reading copious feedback that it is well known for spotty bus service. I think that the key is to temper expectations. I’d expect that POFQ on average performs better than CBR in transit, but that’s not to say that FQ (or any other Disney resort, for that matter) is perfect.

Our last stay at WDW was at FQ, and we were hit twice in the space of a week with what I considered unreasonable bus waits, both first thing in the morning. Of course, for those 2 problems, there were 10 bus experiences that went great, so I wasn’t too bent out of shape, because I realize that Disney is running a massive transportation operation. Snafus are going to happen.

Edit: I’d similarly expect CBR to have some problems, but far more satisfactory bus experiences. I definitely would like to stay there in the future, experience that cool pool!

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Yes but even then it is the first stop so you do not have to worry about a full bus.


I do know that because of my research when I first chose the resort. We are going the week/weekend before Thanksgiving and everything is booked so I have a feeling they’ll be packed buses which is my concern, but it sounds like I should sit tight unless one of the monorail resorts some how opens up. Thank you!


That’s certainly true. Though, you pay for it on the back end… after a long day at Typhoon Lagoon, I can tell you it would have been marvelous to not be the last stop on the comebacker. Not that that’s worse than possibly not getting a seat, just that it can’t be definitively said that FQ is a one-stop resort.

When was this? I think that would be better then the transfer at AK or DS after a waterpark!

Oh yeah, last time we stayed at Contemporary the monorail was being repaired and service was limited and the bus schedule was a mess, thankfully we could walk to MK which was nice. Things are never perfect, I just want to set myself up for something that has the potential to work out better.

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By when, are you asking time of year, or time of day? Mid May, later in the day but not park close. Maybe 3, 4pm? Can’t say for certain, but it was well after lunch.

You could take a bus directly from a water park to a resort (other than CSR or an All Star)? That is not supposed to happen. That would be great (even if it takes an hour :grinning:)

Wait, are you saying that most resorts don’t offer direct busing to Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, but rather that you have to transfer at Animal Kingdom? That’s not correct. Direct busing from FQ… and though we didn’t do a waterpark on the trip before that, I definitely observed buses from Wilderness Lodge to the waterparks as well.

Perhaps I’m misinterpreting your post?

No you not misinterpreting my post. This is an example of the news stories posted last year. It is pretty accurate but for awhile AKL, the AllStars and I think CSR continued runs to BB. After that AKL stopped the buses. I was unaware that there were any direct buses after last October to/from TL. I have seen the switch at DS, and it is the main reason many of us have been advising Uber. Your saying FQ has a direct bus these days? Did you see any other direct buses?

Well that explains it. Something’s changed that I wasn’t aware of. The bus from FQ to Typhoon Lagoon was in May of 2016, not this past May. If a changeover occurred in late 2016, that changes things obviously. That’s certainly an extra annoyance… too bad, our next trip is April, and we (especially DD9) was really looking forward to TL. That’s enough additional nuisance that I don’t know that we’d bother now, especially to be there for Rope Drop.

You never know if DIS will change things up yet again and do it differently. But I’d say Uber/Lyft is pretty easy if quick and rope drop are keys for you on visiting a water park…