POFQ Kid's Pool/Splash Area

Hi all, has anyone experienced the new water play area that was added to Doubloon Lagoon? I will have a 10 month old who will likely be barely walking with assistance and I was curious if I could take him in there to play. I had really wanted to book at Saratoga Springs because of the little Donald Duck splash area that he could play in. Unfortunately I waited too long and they are booked for our dates. I’m currently booked at POFQ but am curious if there were other, better pools for babies in the Mod/Value range. Any suggestions welcome! He has been just held in pools before, but I thought maybe there would be something more fun. Thanks!

Looks very “splashy”, so you may be okay at the periphery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RVh2PDrrZ-E
The zero entry areas at many of the pools (Kidani, AoA, others I’m sure) are pretty nice too.

It’s a beautiful play area, we were there this week to check it out. I think you would have to be holding your child’s hand and hovering the whole time to keep safe. There are so many areas with falling water that come out of nowhere that could know a little one down. And running kids. And it is not covered by any shade so make sure you have sun hat and sunscreen. There used to be a little splash area by one of the all stars pools, by the laundry area. I forget which one. And AOA has a kids water area. But in my opinion a barely walking 10 month old is probably not the best child for the splash areas. Play in the pool and get a zero entry pool if possible.