POFQ fax down?

My friend has a fax request in for POFQ but she has heard on a Disney FB group that the fax machine there has been down for quite a while (a few weeks at least).

Has anyone here requested a room at POFQ, say in the last 2 weeks, and had a notification from TP that it has been sent, or that it hasn’t been sent?

Is anyone there now who wouldn’t mind asking the front desk if their fax is working?

Thank you!

@len would want to know about this.

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It has been posted on chat a couple of times too

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I haven’t seen it there but a lot of the conversation takes place after I’ve gone to bed!

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Someone was begging any liners there to tell them to fix it!

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And POFQ is one of the places where I feel like the majority of faxes are successful! I’ve gotten exact room there once and next door the other time!

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Yes it does seem to be one of the most successful places.

We checked in on July 26. I had a room request for connecting rooms. We got our request almost exactly. We were assigned the connecting rooms one door down from what I requested.

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The POFQ fax machine stopped working on July 28. On 8/1 we spoke to the front desk, who said to fax them to POR and someone would go get them. We’ve been doing that.


I should have known you were on top of it! Thank you!