POFQ connecting rooms

Would like advice on how to do request for 2 connecting rooms (5 adults) with 2 reservation numbers…
Would like connecting rooms (I know there is no guarantee on this) and Floor 3.
We are staying at POFQ in standard room view.
How do I do a room request with 2 reservation numbers?
I have looked at the room maps and have room numbers.

I can’t say for sure, but I’m planning on requesting connecting rooms for our stay at WL at the end of April. For my TP room request email, I used this verbiage: If possible, could we please have a connecting room with --Insert Reservation Name Here-- (Res# 12345678)? And as second priority, could we please have a room --fill in second request here–

In my case, I want connecting rooms with my mom. What I ended up doing was: I added her reservation information into my Touring Plans Dashboard (so when I login to TP, I see two reservations under “My Trips”) I selected her reservation in the TP Dashboard and submitted a room request for her also. I used the same verbiage as my request, except I included my name and my reservation number.

That gives us two separate room requests that reference each other. Like I mentioned above, I’m not certain it’ll work. But I thought it was worth a try.

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Great advice (that I’ll be taking.) Thank you very much!

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I did the same thing that @linsigault suggested. I put two separate trips in my TP dashboard and configured the room requests so they referenced each other by reservation number.

I’m checking into POFQ in four days…I’ll let you know if/how our request worked out!


Keep us posted…I hope it works! Enjoy your trip!

I’ll be interested to hear if you get your room request. We check in to POFQ next week.

Was at POFQ in October. I put both reservations in separately in TP. Put in 2 room requests with reservation numbers for each referenced in both requests. I listed possible room requests that were shown as connecting rooms on TP. I called and gave the same requests to a CM at Disney. I did not get the rooms that I requested, but I got the building I wanted and we got the connecting rooms.

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Checked in today. Got the exact two rooms we requested by doing it this way!


That’s great - Thanks for the update! Enjoy your trip!!

Uh-oh. Just got a call from the resort… there is a leaking pipe in the wall of our rooms. Our stuff and rooms are okay, but we have to change rooms. So now we’ll be getting back around 10 after the Epcot fireworks and have to pack up our room and move our stuff. And we won’t have connecting rooms either tonight. If we want to move again tomorrow night we can have connecting rooms from then on. I recognize things like this happen and can’t be controlled, but this is a big inconvenience and hassle. We loved our rooms!

Oh no! What a bummer!
Maybe they can move your stuff to the new connected rooms while you’re in the parks?
I hope your new rooms are better than the other ones!