POFQ busses

Just booked POFQ for 11/15/20 - 11/21/20. I know there is only one bus stop for POFQ but as I’ve dug into more reviews I’m seeing that at times it shares bus service with POR. What’s the likelihood of sharing busses during a week when most CLs are projected to be in 2-5 range? Any one stay there during similar CL that can give any advice on whether busses were shared and how that impacted travel times to parks?

Our crowd levels haven’t been that low but we have very rarely shared.

We were there when crowd levels were 5 ish. We found AK was the most likely route to share. In fact AK shared most of our trips. Also the late buses back often shared. It can add significantly to travel time we were unlucky once and 2 separate stops at POR had EV’s into an already busy bus. Seemed to take forever. Other trips were a lot quicker- impossible to predict always allow more time than you need.

Have you logged onto this site?


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We were at POFQ at the end of October with similar CLs. The only time that we shared buses with POR was going to AK in the afternoon. We may have shared coming back from AK at the end of the day, can’t remember. It was annoying enough that we plan on only going to AK in the morning to avoid the shared bus when we return in December. We almost missed our FP for FotLK because of the multiple POR bus stops and a driver in training.

Appreciate all the feedback. Sounds similar to our experience when staying at BWI on our last visit which has helped to calm some of the fears that started last night after reading so many conflicting reviews about bus sharing. As with anything at Disney I’ll just make sure that I build in a buffer and will consider Uber or Lyft if we know we have to be somewhere at a specific time.