POFQ and POR how far is the walk?

We are staying at POFQ and friends of ours are staying at Riverside. Has anyone done the walk between the two resorts?

It’s a really nice walk. I would say 10 minutes tops - and I walk slow. It’s picturesque to walk down by the water and really great especially at night. We stayed at POFQ when they were refurbishing the food area so we often walked over to POR to grab a bite to eat.


About 10 minutes lobby to lobby.


Very doable walk plus you can take the boat during the day! Some will depend on where folks are within POR.


It’s a fairly manageable walk although the one caveat is it depends on where in each resort you start from as the difference from furthest building is far different than nearest, particularly at Riverside.

Google Maps puts the distance at 0.5 miles walking from lobby to lobby it appears. Note you can also hop the boat that goes to Disney Springs if you want to avoid the walk. If it is a trip you expect to make often, I would request a building on that side of the resort (building 7 or 6 at POFQ, Magnolia Bend buildings 95, 90 or 85 at Riverside) as well which would minimize the distance to visit your friends.