I have started to listen to WDW Today, Unofficial Guide Disney Dish, and WDW Radio. Are there any other WDW podcasts that you listen to and would recommend?

I find WDW Prep To Go provides the most useful information in the shortest amount of time. MouseChat.net is a close second. Almost all other casts run 1:00-1:30+ per episode. That’s too long for my tastes (even on 2X speed), and I have not learned anything useful from those longer casts that I hadn’t already learned from the two casts I listed.

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I’ve enjoyed Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast as well on occasion.

And if you like the “Unoffiical Guide” podcast be sure to check out disneydish.bandcamp.com which offers @len and Jim Hill covering a variety of additional Disney data. Those pods tend to be from the parks themselves.

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The Be Our Guest podcast is a lot of fun, and produces three shows a week. Usuallly there’s a trip report on Monday, listener questions on Wednesday, and a discussion show on Friday.

I also really like the DisUnplugged podcast, but it’s not to everyone’s taste. The panel can be a little critical of Disney, and tends to have a dry sense of humor. I find that to be a good thing, others don’t enjoy it as much

I’d second @WonderKid’s recommendation of WDW Prep To Go. If you’re looking for information, and quickly, Shannon is amazing at that.


My very favorite is DisUnplugged. I also really like Two Men and the Mouse


I agree, but unless she has changed her format, I find her info to be very basic for most Liners. I did not glean much helpful information as someone who plans the heck out of vacation and accesses all that TP and Lines has to offer as well as numerous other sites. For someone with little experience I think she’s great


I am a Disney podcast junkie. Here is what is in my podcatcher in alphabetical order with a few of my favorites *'d:

*2 Men and The Mouse
*3 O’Clock Parade (not for little mouse ears)
Backside of Magic
*Be Our Guest WDW Podcast
*Behind the Magic Podcast
Dis After Dark (not for little mouse ears)
*Disney Dream Girls
Disney Hipster Podcast (not for little mouse ears)
DisneyBlu’s Disney on Demand
DIStracted Life
*Dixie Landings Radio
Drunk on Disney (not for little mouse ears)
*Enchanted Tiki Talk Podcast
*Geekin’ On WDW Podcast
Instide the Mouse Castle
Mickey Mutineers Podcast (not for little mouse ears)
*Mighty Men of Mouse
Modern Mouse Radio

Mousekeshow’s Podcast
*Mousellaneous DIScussions
*Orlando Tourism Report
WDW Happy Place
*Por Favor Podcast
*Radio Harambe
Retro Disney World Podcast
*The DIS Unplugged
*The Disney Exchange
The Disney, Indiana Podcast
The E Ticket Report & Wakefield report (not for little mouse ears)
*The Earvengers
The Extra Magic Hour
*The Unofficial Guide’s Disney Dish
The WDW News Today Podcast
WDW Kingdomcast (not for little mouse ears)
WDW Navigators
*WDW Park Hopper
WDW Tiki Room
WDW Today
*WEDway Radio
Yeti Another Disney Podcast


I think that last list covers most!
Love the archive of WEDway Radio, as they cover so much.

Here’s one of my new favorites: Disney History Institute Podcast.

The Tomorrow Society Podcast has been good - (host is low key).

I’m just trying out The Queue and on the fence about it.

Also check out The Season Pass Podcast - while not dedicated to Disney, the Imagineer interview episodes are terrific.

Thanks. Definitely a lot to try out.

I am linking the thread I started a couple of years ago (podcasts being another of my crazy obsessions). I love this thread since some of my favorite podcasters comment on it. podcast thread link


DisUnplugged is my favorite too.

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Seems like I found another fan of the old Touring Plans podcast network from your list :wink:

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I agree with some others that Wedway Radio and 2 Men and The Mouse are great. The only one I’ve seen suggested that I don’t care for is Mousechat… They seem like great people but they go off topic A LOT and I feel like a teenager listening to their parents drone on and on.

Also I haven’t seen WDW News Tonight listed. It’s sometimes a little much for my taste but sometimes I really enjoy the humor.

Indeed @PrincipalTinker! The Disney Hipsters lead me to the TP network and I found some good podcasts as a result.

WDWToday was longtime favorite of mine and might have been the first Disney podcast that I listened to. I loved listening to Matt, Newell, Scopa and Len. They had great chemistry and objective opinions.

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Does anyone know what happened to Inside the Magic? It was my FAVORITE Podcast (by far) and it doesn’t broadcast anymore.

Also not mentioned and well worth a listen (star are my fav): Mousetalgia* (Disneyland mostly and one of my favorite podcasts), DFB Podcast, Disney Story Origins Podcast, E Ticket and Wakefield Report* (Wakefield gets the star, not so much E Ticket), Resort Loop, Unofficial Guide*, WDFM Podcast*.

Ricky from ITM has moved on to other interests and has a team updating the website and youtube channel…no podcasts though


I am a Disney podcast junkie.

@Lens_number_1_Fan - Wow! And I thought I listened to a lot of podcasts

I’ll add to that list, although these are not necessarily WDW-specific…

  • The Dis Geek Podcast*
  • Disney Story Origins
  • The Earvengers*
  • Mousetalgia (my favorite of all)*
  • Skywalking Through Neverland
  • A Window to the Magic
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I would like to add a few from the wdwnt network:

WDW News Tonight
The Jedi, Hero and Princess Podcast

And although not really Disney: WDWNT Nerd Alert