Plus sized HP fan

I’m a HUGE HP fan. Haven’t seen Diagon Alley yet. (Saw Hogsmede in 2011 but with small kids so no rides). Going this July and want to do it all! However I’m plus sized. Trying to get a sense if I can do the big rides. Carry most of my weight in my hips and thighs and currently wear a size 22. What sized rears get into the rides? (I’m working on making it smaller, just wondering if it’s too late and I’m outta time). TIA

You are going to love Diagon Alley. It’s amazing. I also think you will be good on the big rides. I’ve been with a friend who is a size 20 and one who is a size 26. Both were fine on Gringotts. My 26 sized friend wasn’t able to ride FJ but my other friend was fine. So I would think you would be ok. And the staff at FJ had my larger friend try a seat first. When she didn’t fit, they gave us all a pass that was good for any other ride. They were very nice and discrete about it.

Go onto YouTube. Several bloggers post about this and will show you a video of them getting in the test seats. I know Universal is not as “fluffy friendly” as Disney, but depending on where you carry your weight, you may be okay.