Please tell me this is bad info- Re: Infants at Disney

I just got off the phone with Disney Dining b/c I was looking at my ADRs and although my party #s were correct, the breakdown of adults, children and infants was not. I was concerned this would matter to the restaurant. the agent assured me it wouldn’t. But then he went on to say the following:

  1. On one ressie my mother was listed as an infant (at CRT) and he told me that she might not be charged for her meal (WHAT??) b/c infants are free and they will bill us according to our reservation. I find this hard to believe.
  2. On another ressie (at Sanaa) my dd4 was listed as adult and my ds1 was listed as a child- and based on his response to 1 above I asked that this be changed. He changed it and the ressie deleted my dd4 leaving only my ds and I? Ugh?? I added her back in but it keeps saying she is an adult- why? On all other ressie ds1 is listed as an infant.
  3. After all of this I was confused, and asked about the infant dining policy. First he questioned why I did not get a DDP for my DS1. I asked him why i would…Then he told me that for a child to qualify as an infant they have to sit on an adults lap at the meal and they cannot eat. WHAT!! I asked specifically if I could get my ds1 a high chair and he said if I did we would be charged a meal for him. He said the same if I gave him food off my plate???

Please tell me my ds1 can sit in a highchair and share some food off of my plate without being charged…also I would love to know why dd4 is listed as an adult at Sanaa (just curious). Thanks- you guys are great.

I can only speak from my experience, but I would call Disney Dining and get it fixed. for the vacation for 12/17 to 12/27, we did have the Deluxe Dining Plan and there were only 2 adults going, myself and GF (which is not my Fianecee) but at some meals (per the MDE) they had the reservations for only 1 person and others for 3. I was able to get this straight. From what I have seen from being there, and also over heard when at the restaurants, the check in desk always asked how many in the party, how many adults, how many children and any infants, then asked if a high chair or booster seat is needed.
As far as being charged, in the past when I went and had 2 adults, on teen - 16, and a child 20 months, all our meals were charge the same way, the 20 month old was not charge and did have to eat from one of our plates but was allowed to sit at the table, not on our lap. 2015 in September, the child, my son was now 6 and he was always charged as a child.
So to answer part of this from my experience, the ds1 will be sitting in a highchair and can share food from your plate at no charge - (if you had the DDP has child - 3 to 9, and anyone 10 and above is adult, there is no infant and Disney does not expect that a child under 3 not to eat at all. I believer the issue with the dd4 at Sanaa is just a mistake. You should be able to go into the MDE and add who it is that is going which would or should fix that problem.

  1. Don’t fret. The guy has no idea what he’s talking about. It’ll all work out just fine.
  2. Children under 3 don’t pay at buffets or family-style meals, assuming they eat “from your plate” (although we always got our DS5 his own plate of food when he was 1 and 2, and nobody cared or said anything - seriously, there wasn’t even a disapproving look, so I assume that they expect this. It’s certainly a lot less messy than trying to feed a 2 year old from your plate and dropping half the food on the table.) If you order them a meal (e.g. at a QS or TS) then obviously you pay for it.
  3. From the time my DS5 was 6 months old they offered him a high chair everywhere.
  4. Don’t worry or do anything about the adult/child breakdown. Sort it out at the restaurant, they’ll know what to do. Calling now may just mess up the whole thing and stress you out more.
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At CRT, they charge you ahead of time based on the number of adults and children you have so I’d call Disney Dining to straighten it out. Plus, it would probably give you peace of mind to have all your dining straightened out. If the first CM you talk to seems confused/unhelpful, just hang up and call again to get another rep. I’ve gotten vastly different phone/help experiences when I call so it’s just luck of the draw if you’ll get someone who knows what they are talking about. I was always asked if my kids needed a high chair so I don’t think they’ll trap him/her in your lap. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Most calls these day go to a call center where the people ( notice I do not say CMs) that answer the phone have very little training and/or Disney knowledge. For your prepay meal you need to try to correct the adult being charged as an infant but I am sure they will catch it at some point. When you make a reservation at other restautrants it does not matter if they are listed as children, infants or adults. You need to count them all but you only get charged for who shows up and what they order (even buffets if you reserve for 6 adults and 2 children , three adults and an infant show up you will be charged for the five).

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Thank you all. Super helpful (and comforting). I will correct the CRT error but let the rest slide. Happy New year!