Please tell me it's a Glitch!

Can anyone check their MDE account please!!! I just checked mine and ALL of my fastpasses are GONE!! I know they are experiencing some difficulties but all my dining reservations are showing up! Need some peace of mind…I had FEA, FOP, 7DMT…everything I wanted and the exact times I wanted them!!!

I’d say it’s a glitch. This is all I’m getting on the main Disney Website page:
Site Maintenance In Progress

Some of our digital experiences may be unavailable at this time. We’re actively working to resolve this issue and provide the best possible Guest experience. We apologize for any inconvenience.

And on MDE I get
Please Check Back Later

And no fastpasses showing up either.

I’m sure it will be fine…deep breaths…:slight_smile:

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I’m sure that you will be fine - well, as sure as you can be when dealing with WDW IT…

Something people have recommended in the past is to take a screenshot of your FPP reservations so that you have some kind of proof that you had the FPPs if there is a system issue.

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I just checked the app and my stuff is there. Even my FP!

Everything is back! Thank goodness! Thank you guys for your responses! I am definitely going to screenshot everything right now though…just in case.

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Not working for me , Getting " Someone Ate that Page" error

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