Please tell me if it appears I'm doing things right :)


Here is my first touring plan for the day after our arrival. Arriving from Australia late in the evening, so I have us going to HS from midday the day after. I’ve chosen HS due to the fact that it is saying that it is a crowd 3 day and as a lot of it is closed, I am thinking it would be a good park for 7 or 8 hours.
I will try and attach the touring plan I have done.
I am wanting opinions if this looks ok so that I can continue on and know whether I’m doing this right or not.

I guess I will take a screen shot of it closer to our date (we arrive at WDW on 26 Sept). Then I will evaluate or optimise once in the park to see what the updated information gives me.

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Can you go back into your plan and I think it is “publish” the plan to make it public? Right now it is in private mode.

FP in HS works on tiers, so unfortunatily you can’t FP both TSMM & RnR. I’d use your FP for TSMM, and save RnR till the end of the day and maybe use the single rider line. Use the extra FP for Star Tours.


Thank you for that information re the tiers. Have changed a few times below… I didn’t want to do any fast rides after dinner at Prime Time, so that is why I haven’t put RnR later.

Your plan is still showing FPP for two tier 1 rides (TSMM and RnR).

LOL I keep clicking each “new” link you post and it’s the same one LOL I hate when technology will not cooperate!

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There were reports the 1st day that the 3rd track made a big difference at TSMM. Has that continued? You may want to track the times on both TSMM and RnR for a few weeks .

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OMG i think it worked :slight_smile: hahahah

Looks like I will need to re adjust again… I’ve got ToT in there after each other. !

It did work!

My only concern is that you are starting out at Star Tours, crossing all the way back to the end of Sunset Blvd for RnR, all the way back to Indiana Jones, and then back to end of Sunset Blvd for ToT (x2??)

Do you already have your FPP? If not, maybe try for an earlier one for ToT and bunch that stuff at that end together (except Fantasmic, obviously) and then head to the other side for Star Tours, Indiana, and GMR before dinner?

ok :slight_smile: this is going to take me a while to plan for 9 days :slight_smile:

Thank you for your advice. Just getting use to switching things around, re-looking, re switching, etc.

I like this a lot better. HS is not a large park but that trek from the end of Sunset to Star Tours seems like FOREVER sometimes! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. It is hard to know the distance and the trekking… even with numbers in front of you.

So, am I looking at the columns in the plan and deciding how to effectively level out the

  1. Time of walking until next attraction
  2. Wait time
  3. keeping free time to a reasonable limit e.g.- not exceeding 30 mins… ?

So… one keeps tweaking until it looks like a satisfactory plan on the map below… as well as all of the above flowing well…

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I guess I find it strange that I am going to continue to tweak and amend etc, only to get inside the park and press optimise :slight_smile: ,… is this normal. :slight_smile:

Yes, that would be the thing to do. But really I think you’ve got a nice plan there. I would probably leave it alone. Extra time is never a bad thing - snack, restroom, shopping…

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I personally do not re-optimize unless something is REALLY off track or changing.

I have occasionally copied the plan, saved my original oh-so-perfect plan, and reoptimized the copy on the morning of prior to leaving the resort.

But generally once I have a plan the way I like it, I don’t touch it

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I suppose the other thing that would force a change is if you can’t get FPP for the times you’re aiming for.

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You have been a great help OBNurseNH. Made things much clearer for me to begin my process of planning out the rest of my days. I’ve been reading this site daily for months… but I am the type of person who absorbs it more when I actually go through the process… so, in order to get prepared for Sept/Oct, I thought I’d better start trying to finalise all of this in order to feel like I’m actually getting somewhere.

Nice to know I have the first touring plan looking good. That gives me a much better understanding now.

Yes, well I need to try and familiarise this all for when my FP day comes and I will know what to do… and hopefully know how to adapt and change things easily. Familiarisation is the key for me.

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