Please survey my trip-at-a-glance

Green is what we are doing.
We still don’t know when/if EEM hours will be available. That might change my planning.

Holyland Experience is closed on Sundays and Mondays.
We have to be in AK for our homeschool education piece on 11/19.
For 11/20 we have ADR for Bon Voyage at 11:30AM, then we will visit the Christmas trees at DS. We then have a group event after hours at AK.

I have to take my sister back to the airport the morning on 11/18. I’m hoping the whole family can accompany me and we can go directly to a park; otherwise we might miss RD.

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I’m hopeful with AK so far in we can get FOP and with two HS days hopefully we can even wait for SDD if we have to.

If they miraculously re-offer EMM for HS I’d find that money in a heart beat.

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Looks great to me! Have fun!

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That seems like a lot of time at HS and not much as MK, considering the number of rides available at each.

You are absolutely right; this is not the norm. :upside_down_face:
On our last trip in 2016, DHS was our favorite park, and that was before TSL and SWGE. Before we knew SWGE was going to be open, I already hoped for two days there to see all the shows and enjoy TSL. I’m afraid now it will be even more crowded.

If I can get FPP for SDD and we can accomplish much on our first day I’d consider making a switch.

That said, we just went to Disneyland last year. Even though there are small differences between some of the shared rides, the park is fresh enough in our memory I don’t mind missing some more of MK.


HS has always been our family fave, too, and we started going when it was called MGM!

Looks like a great plan!

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