Please Review my AK TP :)

I am hoping they will let us into the park even earlier than EMH of 8am so we can maybe get the Pangani Forest Trail finished prior to the Lion King show at 10 (immediately after the safari). Does this seem like a possibility to anybody? What time do they normally RD for EMH morning at AK? Thank you for looking!

This link might work better: :

Thgis looks like a TP that I might have made for myself. Only possible isee I see is the time between Pangani and Nemo. These two attractions are about as far apart as you can be in AK, and even with a FPP, you’ll want to be at the Nemo theater10-15 minutes before show time (depending on CL and how much of a seat choice you want). I don’t know the size/composition of your party (or the CL of the park that day), but the 15 min walk time may be optimistic. That only leaves about 15 min for the Trail itself. yes, you can walk it in that amount of time, but if it’s crowded progress can be slow, and you sometimes have to “wait your turn” to get close to the animal viewing areas. If your TH lunch runs long, then I really don’t think you’ll have time to do the Trail justice, and it might make for a lower-stress day skipping it - knowing that you could always tack it on the end of the day if you still had the energy to do it.

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That’s what I was thinking, if we have time we will squeeze in the trail and if not we will have to come back to it. I wonder if t will be open at night with ROL…

The Pangani Trail can take as much or as little time as you like. But 2 hours seems waaaaaaaaaay more than enough :wink: I would say we generally spend 30-45 minutes, depending on what activities the kids are into and what the animals are up to.

Oh wait - I see what you’re saying now. You want to do Pangani in the morning after Safari, AFTER your other things happening at 0800.

I think you might find you have time to do it after lunch. I’ve never lunched at Tusker, only breakfast, but 90 minutes seems more than enough. I think you’ll find a few minutes extra there. Coupled with the time you have in there already you might do okay leaving it as is.

I do agree Nemo is a wicked long way away though.

Thank you! What I meant to ask is if it’s possible to do EE,primeval whirl, tc spin, dinosaur, Safari AND the trail before 10am lion king if we were to get let in early… Might be possible if they did RD at 7:30? It seems I’ve heard of early rope drops but not sure how common especially on EMH days.

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Possibly. Though I think the trail doesn’t open til 0900? I seem to remember waiting around a few minutes for it to open after our TH breakfast (which was 0810, for frame of reference)

What are your walking speeds? Who is touring with you/ages?

Final question; are you trying to keep Kali to the end of the day for wetness purposes? Or does it matter?

Without using any FPP this is what I get when I put in your attractions and shows and just optimize. There is some criss-crossing but after each move across the park there are a chunk of activities in that area.

I set the walking speed to very relaxed (not knowing who is touring with you) and opted to minimize walking.

AK 5/7 For A Friend

Not sure if there’s a particular open time for the Safari, but last year we had opening hours at 8am, rushed to be first in line at the Safari, which, it turned out, didn’t open until 8:30. They must get the animals ready on a certain schedule, regardless of opening. Anyway, I don’t know if that time varies or not, but you might want to check it out. We wasted a half hour in a line we didn’t need to rush for.

We usually hit AM EMH during our trips, and they really don’t let you in early. Sometimes regular rope drop is a bit early during crowded times, but not EMH. Your TP is very similar to ours from last April. I think you can easily do EE, PW, TC Spin, and Dinosaur before your safari, but you do not have enough time for the trail. We tend to do EEx3 and PWx2 plus Dinosaur before a 9:15ish safari (on a day with 8am EMH) and then go to the 10 am LK show. TH brunch afterwards as well. This worked great for us.

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Thank you! we will find time for the trail at some point in the day but it’s nice to know I need to just plan on doing it after lunch! Maybe we will get lucky and only be in Tusker for an hour :wink: I mostly have Tuskers on there only so I can do the ROL package deal if they ever make it official!

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Thank You! Yes I was doing Kali later to stay dry the rest of the day, and also really trying to get us out of the park for a rest as close to 2-3pm as possible! We are hoping to come back at night for ROL and with 8 year old twins I think they will need a long afternoon break every day as I have us scheduled all morning EMHs and also fireworks/shows almost every night.


Tip if you’re interested. We brought those throwaway ponchos you get at the Dollar store for doing Kali. They kept us mostly dry and were small enough to fit in my purse before we used them. Afterwards, toss them or offer them to someone else in line.


This is a great plan. My kids are a bit older, 12 and 14 now, and we all still benefit from the afternoon break. We usually just chill in the A/C in our room with a cold drink and some quiet activities, but we don’t actually nap. Then we swim, shower, and head back out refreshed. It makes the late nights and early mornings easier.

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I recommend this as well. Last trip we put our ponchos on right before the ride and another family was giving us the eye. Then the Mom asked me where we got the ponchos and said to her hubby “I told you we should have gotten some”. Hubby glared at her. Anyway, we stayed dry and guess who got soaked. Her. In her white shorts and light colored top, like completely soaking wet. She was so mad when we got off and was giving her husband the riot act for not letting her buy ponchos!

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