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Makes sense! Thanks!!

Resort : Boulder Ridge Villas
Room Class : Studio
Method Used: TP fax
Room Requested : 4539
Result : 3503

The room was no where near the requested room and had a view of the main building rather than nature/Bay Lake. There was at least the saving grace of being right next to the stairs.


I was in 2503 earlier this month! I actually really loved the location even though I was initially a little disappointed in the view.


Resort: Coronado Springs
Class of room booked: Tower - Water View
Method used: TP request
Room requested: “Unobstructed view, southwest side of tower, upper floor”
Result: 9110 (perfect!)

Resort: Coronado Springs
Class of room booked: Standard View
Method used: TP request
Room requested: “Bldg 8A, 8B, or 7B, near Cabanas bus stop or main pool, not Casitas”
Result: 7756 (Ranchos 7B, 3rd floor, facing quiet pool)

Thanks, Touring Plans!


Resort: Boardwalk Inn
Class of room booked: Resort View
Method used: TP request
Room requested: 5273
Result: 5274

Was looking for view of lake and this is on the opposite side of the hall. The view is still amazing though - can see part of the Epcot ball and Eiffel Tower


Resort: Animal Kingdom Lodge (Jambo)
Class of room booked: resort view (2 queen beds)
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: partial savannah view
Result: 3110 on the Ostrich Trail

I struggled to place this room request: the main thing I wanted was a partial savannah view, but on the new TP website I couldn’t figure out how to make a narrative request so I actually only managed to click on a specific room that matched that description (I forgot which room number I picked), and send off that room number rather than the broader request for a partial savannah view.

Thankfully, AKL seemed to understand exactly what I wanted: when we checked in, I asked if the room we’d been assigned had a partial savannah view and they happily confirmed. What they didn’t mention (and what would have been my second request, had it been an option) was that our room was also only a few STEPS away from the lobby - you literally just duck into the hallway to the left of reception (same level) and it’s the second or third room on your right!

The picture window/balcony looks out over another wing of AKL (straight ahead), but there’s a small stretch of savannah with a watering hole between the two wings, so there were almost always animals to see! Stepping out onto the balcony and looking out towards the left side where the savannah widens gave us the best views. A few photos attached, the giraffes are zoomed in a bit.

We loved out room, great choice for a partial savannah view (at resort room price)!


That is an amazing room for a standard price!! :scream:


Funny that they got your room so close to what you requested while giving you the complete opposite view. :rofl: Glad you liked it though–looks amazing!


I have put notes about odd or even #s in the x block of rooms just to make sure. I wonder how many of the room assigners are intimately familiar with each resort.


To add your narrative, you go on Configure Room Request below the chosen room number on the trip.


I was looking at the Room Request tool - but my room type is not listed. We have a reservation at Boardwalk Inn - Resort View for 5 people (so 2 Queens+Daybed. So we’ll go with a surprise :woman_shrugging:

Thanks - good to know for next time :slight_smile:

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There is a club level room with 2 queens and a daybed, is that what you booked?

Regular Resort View, not club level.

So Resort View/2Q+1 daybed is what is missing from the drop down list for Boardwalk Inn.

(The booking is for 5 people …so it has to be that room type)


Resort : Saratoga Springs Resort
Class of room booked : deluxe studio, standard view
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: 4523
Result : 7543

This was a room for my DH who was there solo for the first time, to spend a little time vacationing before bringing our daughter home from the Disney College Program

This building was pretty far out in the resort, and a little ways away from what I requested specifically, but he got a real nice golf course view, and he had a car, so I can’t complain for him.

Complicating factor: he arrived on the Saturday of Marathon Weekend (having stayed Friday at ASSports) and it took til late in the day for a room to be ready, so that definitely diminished the chances of getting our request with resorts full to the brim til Monday.


For Beach club did garden view become resort view? I booked resort view but that isn’t an option on TP. Garden is instead.


Resort: Port Orleans FQ
Class of room booked: garden view
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: 2308
Result : 7327

Well, we got third floor which was great. First time staying there and it was quiet and beautiful and small! Even in the furthest building it was like 5 minutes to QS for water and the bus.

Resort: BLT
Class of room booked: standard view studio
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: 7514
Result : 8223

Ended up with a lake view room! Lovely view of the EWP and the morning sun over Bay Lake is really pretty.


I’m there next week in a garden view room and can’t wait! It will also be my first stay there :slight_smile:


Two things I really like about FQ off the top of my head:

  1. it’s small, so there’s really no such thing as a “bad room”
  2. the beignets.

Resort: Pop
Class of room booked: Preferred
Method used: TP request
Room Requested: 4122 (bed type or direction doesn’t matter as much as location)
Result : 0172

Was very pleased to have a ground floor room, and so so close to the lobby and busses.
View from the window