Please Plan Our Dining

I have always found people here on Touring Plans very knowledgeable and have gotten some great tips. I am a very experienced visitor- but feel we might be in our usual dining rut- looking to expand our dining experiences.
Trip: March 13-20th 4 adults that are Atkins/Very Low Carb eaters. (We dont have to be perfect every day but at least 5 days). Need: 2 Breakfasts sit down, 7 qs lunches can be mobile ordering or lounges, and 7 TS dinners. Would prefer outside but inside is ok. Will have a car so resort dining is ok. Staying at BWV. Park Breakdown: 1 day AK, 2 Days HS, and 3 days E/MK
Plus for TiW, AP or DVC discounts. Thank you!!! Mention specific things on menu that you have loved.


Our outdoor dining consisted of Tony’s at MK, Trattoria al Forno at BW, Spice Road Table at Epcot for TS. For quick service we did Backlot Express at DHS, Restaurantosaurus at AK (kids pick), Pecos Bill in MK, and we did the festival booths in EPC.

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If you want to eat outdoors at Table Service you need to request it in person. So for example at Tony’s in MK I’d stop by earlier in the day so they can note it on your reservation. It is first come first served. For QS it’ll be what you can find. We’d send one person to pick up the mobile order and another to find a table outside once our order was ready. We did QS mobile order in the AM for when we thought we’d want lunch and if for some reason we wanted to move it back or up we’d do that closer till if available. We’d check in long before our actual time (as soon we’d get the notification we could check in so they’d start making it) and then slowly work our way over. We never had to be one of the many crowding the entrance waiting for their food to be ready (they wouldn’t let you in till it was ready). Then we’d do the split with some people picking up food and some people picking outside table.

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Jenny- most of my family has had covid and are health care workers so they have already gotten pt 1 of vaccine. I am hoping that by the time we go- I will have gotten the vaccine too. I am leaning toward outside and mobile just for the saftey aspect though. Thank you for your timing hints