Please Interpret this FPP Advice

"You will be presented with 4 options. Normally you want to pick the option that has the times farthest from what you actually want, since you can’t overlap times as you move them. In this case, it was Option 1. Then click Done. (If you don’t like any of the options you can go back and do this step again and you will get different options to select from)" I don’t understand why you would pick the times furthest from the ones you want. I’m 50 days out and I’m offsite, so I’m trying to figure this out before I actually have to book in 20 days. Thank you!

When you first make FPP reservations you’ll be presented with a list of times that Disney suggests. Those will rarely fit with when you actually want them. If they do, then that’s great, since you’re done. However, whenever I’ve made FPP reservations the suggested times haven’t fit what I wanted, so I just accept their suggestions and then change them.

This advice sounds like it’s telling you to pick suggested times that won’t conflict with the times you really want. It makes it a little easier when you get to the next step, which I presume is to change the times to what you want.

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Ok, I think I see that. I will need to modify one at a time, so I’d want them to be further from where I want so that I don’t have trouble with overlapping the times as I’m rearranging things. I’ll try to practice sometime in the next few days. Thank you!