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So we are doing WDW the week of Thanksgiving. FPP is coming up for me in about a month. I’ve been working on my touring plans for each day for months now. My question is for some of the hard to get FP like FOP tp is suggesting we go at like 8 pm. Should I try to get the FP’s for the times suggested or should I go for the earliest available so we can maybe get in some same-day FP’s? Also, where is an up to date list with the new FP tiers?

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Honestly for Thanksgiving week, I would take what I could get with FoP and work around that. By the time you play around trying to get a different time they could ALL be gone.


I’d go for the earliest available time for any hard to get FPs like FOP. Just like you mention, the earlier you can get into 4th+ FP, the better, in my opinion!


Thanks I forgot to mention it’s a party of six so it will probably be a little harder to get anything good.

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Yes, that week is crazy and rider capacity is rider capacity. I wouldn’t count on any SDFP’s for any tier 1’s and most tier 2’s.


Take what you can get. The plan, if I understand you, is tell you to do FOP at 8pm if you don’t have a FP? So having one is all the better.


yes i guess this explains it better to me. I have personally been to WDW twice, but the last time was in '94 when none of these things existed. No one else has been there its gonna be a once in a lifetime trip probably.

If you’re booking at the 60 day window, I haven’t found/wouldn’t expect party size to make a difference. Same day, maybe slightly, but not at the initial booking. There are a good number of passes in each slot, so if theres room for 4, theres usually room for 6. If not, the next time would have it, so its not going to make a huge impact.

I booked for 12 people for MLK weekend in Jan and while I had to do lots of overlapping timeslots for my same day passes, I didnt really have any difficulty with the initial booking based on party size. The biggest factor will be overall availability, but thats something you will be able to keep an eye on through TP availability chart.


Make them for when you can get them… but I always try and follow other advice Ive seen on these forums… If park opens at 8:00, my FP times I try to bag are FP1 9:00-10:00, FP2 9:30 -10:30, FP3 10:00 - 11:00. FP1 hit near the end of the time so I can immediately jump on FP2. When I scan into FP2, try and modify FP3 earlier. I will also RD the biggest attraction. So for FoP, ill get a fastpass and I will RD it. Once I tap into FP3, I am trying to scoop up another FP and play the modify game.

This is not everyone’s cup of tea, and a lot of groups may not like the rushed nature. TP is going to suggest FoP late in the day as most rides have lower waits near the end of the day. If you have a fast pass time, then you just grab whatever FP slot agrees with your schedule and let TP work around it.


Take whatever you can get first and work to modify it to a preferred time, since it is a hard to get FPP. That’s the advice I see here.

So more questions. My FPP booking date is a Tuesday during a school week. Also 7am is about the time I’m trying to get two kids ready for school. While I would prefer to do it via laptop it seems like mobile is going to be my best option. Any pointers on booking initial go via MDE.

I actually find it just as easy on MDE as on desktop. No huge difference to me. I’ve done it mobile a few times because of timing.

I am going that week too.

I am lucky in that my wife will take my girls to school and I will be getting the FPP. I have moved AK and HS toward the back of the trip as that will make it easier to get them earlier. Also, I am going for the premiere rides first. FOP, followed by SDD, followed by 7DMT. We are only doing AK for 1 day so FOP is a must do.

I wish that was an option. Husband starts work @ 6 am.