Please help with ticket option!

Hello, from Africa!!!

First trip!!!. We decided on this trip very last minute. We are a family of 4, with an energetic 4 year old and 18months old sons. We are staying at offsite, we needed a suite, the boys are light sleepers and also for my sanity.

We arrive Saturday and leave Friday from *. I am torn as not sure which ticket option to buy.

Plan for now is 2 days at MK, and half day at each other park, AK(we from Africa we have these on my door step lol), HS, Epcot and other half rest at the water parks. Wanted to get the 4day hopper with water and 5th day free. But I am second guessing myself and need to get tickets before the 30days and then plan properly after I all get the fast passes, for what I can.

Now thinking we should get 6 day tickets and on arrival day we do ROL or can do MK and do the night time shows and at least use the fast passes as well. Plan is to go with the flow at rope drop (early risers) for the trip except things we have FP for. This will most likely to be from 5pm till 9 and thinking this is the only day we can do this. the boys DO NOT really nap during the day except the baby and that is like 30 minutes tops and if he hears his brother so thats out but they go to bed early.

Is this doable or am I pushing it? I am also hopping we will be used to the time difference by then. We would have been in ATL for a week+.


In the grand scheme of the cost of this trip, adding one more day to your ticket will not break your bank. I say, for the added flexibility, just add the extra day.

Adam has it right - just buy the extra day. FWIW, once you hit 4 days at WDW the cost of adding an extra day on the tickets is relatively negligible. It’s the extra night at the hotel that’s far more $…

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Sounds like they’re already staying that long, just wondering if they should add the extra day on the tickets. So, if that’s true, then like we said, that added cost is negligible in comparison to all other expenses.

Agreed. Sorry I wasn’t clearer - I was saying general case the extra hotel night is the expensive part. Since they are already there, in this specific case adding the ticket days is a no-brainer. It varies slightly, but after 4 days the extra day on a ticket is only in the range of $8-15 per person so compared to the overall cost of a DIS vacation that extra day is noise…

Definitely get the extra day here & have an extra night of magic…

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We had a similar plan when we took our sone for the first time right after he turned 4. My sister met us and suggested we scrap Animal Kingdom and we were happy we did. We’ll spend a little bit of time in Epcot, but it’s like a half day to knock out Future World then the other days we see bits and pieces of World Showcase by Park hopping for dinner. Our 4 year old didn’t like a lot of the things at Hollywood Studios either, but he did love the Toy Story ride and loved watching the Trial of the Jedi shows.

How many days were you thinking of using the water park tickets? I think, as of Sunday, you have to buy those with the park hopper, which it doesn’t sound like you need. Consider buying water park tickets separately. If you’re only going for a day, then the 1 day ticket (adult) is, at most $62 per person. Now if you’re going for more days than that, it might make sense to tack it on to your tickets, but even so, the annual pass for the Water Parks is $125.

I’m with the others, 5 days vs 6 days is a $20 difference. If you think you might use them, even just for an evening event, that’s not a lot of extra.

Now this I don’t know… if you buy the 5 days and decide, once there, that you want the 6, can you upgrade at the ticket center and will it cost you an additional $20 for doing the purchase at their booths?

Thank you all for your validation. Extra ticket day it is.

We were thinking of doing the water parks every other half day as our breaks. Like go to HS in the morning at rope drop, lunch and then water park in the afternoon. Get a spot and chill there while the kids play.

My husband can’t believe that I am struggling to just book and pay but I do want the best option and value for the buck.

Thanks once again!!

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