Please help with park days/ROtR! ***

We are headed to Disney this April 24-29!
I follow TP and another crowd calendar and they are conflicted so this is confusing! Would love opinions on how to make this the best trip-

4/25 we planned to do AK (EMH crowd 8) and hop to MK (5) for the dessert party-
4/26 HS (4) to Epcot (5) (EMH HS till 10:30) will these EMH increase those looking for boarding pass at opening?! Not sure if we should avoid this park based on that alone!

Or swapping those days
4/25 HS (4) no EMH to Epcot (8)
4/26 AK (no EMH 5) to MK (2) dessert party

Goals are HS boarding group and least crowds
And rope drop FOP- we have done without wait but always on a EMH days- not sure if harder to get without EMH

We have also never done “personalized touring plan” but am thinking with the crowds we should? Do people use them and do you find them helpful?

Also- staying at POR first time- river view 5th sleeper- any room requests I should make?!
Thank you!!!

Welcome! Ask anything & often! :smiley:

Here’s some things to consider about why you are getting different crowd levels from different sites.

FYI – A common misconception about Touring Plans Crowd Levels is that they are an indicator of the number of people in each park. However, they are an indicator of the average queue waits at the rides in that park during 11am – 5pm - the peak ride times.

A CL 1 can feel like a CL 4 in terms of park capacity, but the queues may be moving quickly. Conversely, you can be in a CL 9 park that feels like a CL 5 because the streets aren’t packed. However, all the queues are super long.

Other sites may not be using this metric. WDW does not release attendance numbers to the public or any company. Any site saying they know how many people will be there are just estimating based on the previous year’s crowd. The TP statisticians sit outside the rides and count the people coming in / out of the attractions to measure these queue waits

Evening EMH will have little effect on RotR BG. Those are distributed at open. Evening EMH is usually less busy anyway vs. morning EMH. After the fireworks families, especially w/ small kids leave. That last hour is generally slow and a great time to get extra rides in with low queues.

When choosing your park for RotR I’d consider day of the week more than CL. Weekends are, obviously, busier than week days. The slowest days of the week tend to be Tuesday & Wednesday.

For RD FoP – It’s gotten much better with everyone rushing over to DHS for RotR. I’d still suggest getting to AK about 45 minutes before RD for the least wait, but you can get there about 30 minutes in advance and still get on within 30 minutes.

Personalized touring plans are the BEST way to plan your day. It’s the only way the overwhelming majority of people here use TP. The preconstructed plans are all about the lowest queue times. They don’t take into account walking and have you criss-crossing the park just to save 5 minutes in a queue. I’d rather be in line for 5 more minutes at something close by than walking 7 minutes to the next suggested step.

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Thanks so much for all the info! It’s very helpful-
We are coming for a quick trip and my niece is flying out Tuesday (we leave wed) She wants to do rotr the most so trying to schedule with her there
I know it would make the most sense for us to try HS on Tuesday as far as getting boarding group/lower crowds- my issue is her leaving around 3pm on Tuesday- afraid we will get a boarding pass and she won’t be able to ride! We are doing MK After Hours on Monday night-
Leaving HS having to be on sat or Sunday unfortunately!

Sounds like a good week to try the touring plans! Thanks!

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