Please help with my Epcot plan!

Here is my first try at our Epcot day. We are there for just one day. With this plan, our goal is to be in line for FEA as close to 8:50 as possible (9am opening). I’m thinking my FPP will be Soarin 10-11, spaceship Earth 11-12, then Nemo 12-1. Hopefully I can grab a 4th for TT if they still have them once we tap in for Nemo…just in case TT is down earlier in the day. Our plan is to head to the World Showcase after Nemo for the rest of the day. We are getting breakfast at Akershus early, having a bunch of snacks throughout the morning and then continuing to snack once we hit the World Showcase. Thanks for your help!

Why does your Agent P time show 30 minutes?

Not sure? I think it just defaulted to that? We were thinking the kids might like to do that as we explore the WS…it’s not set in stone.

You should be able to go straight to Soarin from frozen if you want, and then FPP TT for later, which is also good in case it goes down.

I would try to get Mission: Space or Character Spot for 9-10. You can get Nemo fastpasses easily all day long, and you can start trying after tapping into SE

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I agree with @ptjeff99: I would try to place a FP+ in the 9-10 range to be able to get rid of your 3rd before 11:30 to increase your chances of getting a 4th FP+ for TT.

If you don’t have any interest in Mission Space or Character Spot, I would still place a FP+ in the 9-10 range (Soarin’ is fine in that spot).