Please help with early admission plan for one busy day!

Hi all! We will have one day in the parks on a busy Saturday in April. Staying in Sapphire Falls, so we have early entry.

We have been to Universal once, back in 2018, before they built Hagrid’s or the Velocicoaster so those are both definite priorities. Had a great time and did pretty much everything over four leisurely days. This time is going to be different! One day only.

We don’t mind walking and we walk pretty fast so my plan is to wake up my wife and kid, eat a yogurt in the room, and head over to Islands of Adventure for rope drop.

My first question is: Assuming EE is 8am, what time should I leave the hotel to get there?

Also: Is there a good map somewhere online that shows the path from the hotel to the IoA entrance?

Finally: What is the best plan of attack? Velocicoaster first, then over to Harry Potter to see what else is open? According to this, it looks like Forbidden Journey and Flight of the Hippogriff may be open.

From what I’ve read, it sounds like the line for Hagrid’s is pretty steady all day long, and we’re going to have to wait an hour no matter what, so it’s a waste to spend all of EE standing in line. Do you guys agree?

Very much agree on the Hagrid’s point!

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Plan to arrive at the park entrance at least 30 minutes prior to EPA time. Give about 20 minutes for the walk. The Garden Walk path has lots of signs and is easy to follow. The resort map will show you where it’s at. If walking back from the park, just remember the path starts beside Margaritaville.

At this point I would be patient and wait for Universal to publish their EPA schedule/attraction info.


Sounds good. Thanks. Patience is not my strong suit, ha ha, but I’ll try.

Another question: I have my “tickets” in the “wallet” of the Universal app on my phone. This is different from how it was in 2018 when I think I had a paper printout. When/where/how do I get the card to put in my lanyard?

The Will Call Kiosks are at both park entrances. I think you’ll need your credit card used to purchase and a confirmation number. The machine will print them out. You can also go to the Guest Services.

Another option is the front desk at the resort. There may even be Kiosks there too.

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Thank you! Can I go to the kiosks the night before? Or do I have to wait until the day that I am going to use them?

I haven’t done it, but wouldn’t think it would be a problem.

We were 2nd at taps at 7:20. We were on our endless summer bus at 6:55. To get to VC you have to go right where they check for your hotel key To get past Dr seus landing. My son and I rode vc twice within the first 15 minutes then did HPFJ walked around the sights a tad and then headed toward King Kong. We rode Hagrids around 2 for 60 min wait. It was 60-90 all day.

I wonder if the summer crowds they’ll change hagrids back to EE opening


Thanks for the “how to get to VC” tip! Looking on the map I couldn’t tell which way is fastest, since it looks like it’s on the complete opposite side of the park as the entrance.

Really hoping Hagrid’s is open for EE in April! :crossed_fingers: