Please help me with my MK plans

Okay. I moved IASW to day 1, when we’ll doing most of Fantasyland, and SFR treehouse to day 2 with the rest of Adventureland. Added peoplemover and extra time for TSI. Both plans have us getting in our last line right at the end of the day and only using two FPPs.

Is there usually a line for the treehouse? Do they rush people back down once they’ve climbed up? I’m thinking about moving that to the very end, so those of us who don’t feel like climbing won’t be missing anything if half the group decides to take their time up there. I have some treehouse-crazy kids, so it needs to be in the TP, but realistically, we’re not all going to make it to the top.

The treehouse is a steady flow of walkers to the top and back down again. I have never had a line but have seen it where there wasn’t time to stop and look around with the steady flow of climbers. My daughter loves it.

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