Please help me with my MK plans

We’re spending two days in Magic Kingdom. I think I started with one of the stock plans, and by now have tweaked both days beyond recognition. Just realized I managed to leave out PeopleMover. :thinking: Where does it fit? The only other thing I left out is Flag Retreat, which would be nice, but not a top priority.

Anyway, I’d love some input from experienced people about whether it would help to move attractions between the two days. The second day, we’re having breakfast for lunch at Ohana (ADR 11:55). We’ll get there by monorail or boat, whichever is less hassle. We’re a group of 8, including a double stroller and an ECV.

Edited, because I had the links wrong originally.

We can’t see your plans, you have to make them public. :slight_smile:

I thought I did. Both of them? Clearly, the check box I checked doesn’t do what I thought it did.

These, maybe?

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You’re also missing Haunted Mansion (and Carousel of Progress)…unless that is intentional? I would put People Mover in on Day 2 while you’re already in Tomorrowland…but it already seems like it is going to be a tight squeeze to get to your ADR on time.
The other thing I would say…and maybe this is what you wanted pacing wise…your MK Day 2 afternoon is very slow-paced (with regard to rides/shows). I don’t know the ages of the people in your group…but Country Bear Jamboree and Tiki Room back to back is pretty much a guaranteed nap for at least one person in your party (especially after lunch).
Don’t forget quarters for the Shootin’ Arcade.

Your day one isn’t too bad. You might leave out Swiss Family Treehouse and just fit it in on the second day, since it is a bit out of the way and just adds some walking. Since you are doing Adventureland the second MK day, I’d fit it in there.

For second day, do you plan to actually do Tom Sawyer’s Island? 30 minutes isn’t really enough. That basically gets you over there and back with little time to actually explore. I’d allocate an hour to an hour and a half for that.

Also, The Muppets (Great Moments) is leaving as of Sept. 30, so you can remove that entirely from your plan.

If I were you, I’d swap out Astro Orbiter for Peoplemover.

Carousel of Progress is missing, as @StinsyLinson mentioned. It is a matter of taste. Personally, I’d sacrifice other shows like the Tiki Room or CBJ. To me, CoP is far better. But to each their own!

…not trying to derail this thread…but…what!!!

See them now!

I’d add people mover. It is a fun ride to take a break on. People mover could be one of your breaks honestly— if by break you are just sitting somewhere.

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That’s a very good point! Relaxing and fun at the same time.

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There is another thread devoted to this already. :slight_smile:

I’m trying to figure out whether this is real, or just a rumor based on the fact that an appalling number of attractions still haven’t had their calendars updated for October. See how “Let the Magic Begin” is happening an hour into the park day? Merida and a bunch of other characters also have blank calendars beginning 10/1. If ALL of those blank calendars are unannounced closings, something is very wrong. So I’m leaving it in my TP for now.

This article says Royal Majesty Makers are also not going to appear after 10/5

Is this a reliable source? I honestly don’t know. But I’ve got those shows on two separate days, so I guess it wouldn’t kill me if we had to fill the time.

I’ve actually never heard of it, but WDWNT is also reporting it (and in the thread @ryan1 directed me to someone mentioned CMs have said their last performances are 10/5)

I left out HM on purpose, because the very idea of ghosts gives half my children nightmares. I haven’t been to WDW since I was a kid, and I thought CBJ was funny and CoP was dumb, although who knows how much either of them has changed since then. I didn’t even realize we had CBJ and Tiki back to back – after a few optimizations, it all blurred together.

One of those optimizations also moved Pirate’s Adventure towards the end of the day, where it doesn’t really make sense. We might just skip that. It seems like a good thing to do when the lines are longest, but since it’s a party day, I’m guessing we don’t get the benefit of lines getting shorter later in the day.

Yes, this is the article I saw earlier. If they’re basing their reporting on Disney’s obviously-ignored online calendars, I don’t know what to think. I’ve run into more than half a dozen other attractions with empty calendars beginning Tuesday, October 1st. Some have filled in as I’ve continued my planning. Still empty calendars include Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire, Move it Shake it whatever you call it, and most of the non-FPP character meets. And that’s just in MK.

You can have a wonderful time in MK without doing everything. The two things you mentioned are things I haven’t done yet and I’ve spent about 3 days at MK. Gotta add them to the list…

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I took the suggestions and it broke day two. If anybody’s following along at the moment, I’m in the middle of moving things around.