Please help me review our plans

We have a trip planned for late May/Early June and I would love your input. I had picked our parks and made ADRS without looking at EMH, so we didn’t pick a single EMH park (rookie mistake). I had looked at changing our plans to include EMH, but I can’t get any ADR’s that would work now… So, please help me by looking over our plans and letting me know what you would do different or if you have other suggestions to make our trip magical. Our group consists of DH, DS6, DS2 and myself for most of the trip (until June 2nd, when my extended family will join us).

May 27-arrive, check in, head in to MK for a little evening fun with FP+ if we are up for it after long drive
May 28-HS rope drop, try for Jedi Training Academy (DS6 only major request for the trip), Dinner at Jedi Mickey H&V ressie
May 29-MK pre rope drop ressie at Crystal Palace
May 30-AK, leave around 4 to get ready for dinner ressie at O’hana
May 31- HS (sleep late if we get Jedi training on 28th), FP+ TSMM for later in day
June 1-Epcot, date night that night (Le Cellier ressie for 2, but debating changing to Bull and Bear. We are celebrating anniversary, my birthday, and Mother’s Day; we want it to be extra special and DH MUST have steak).
June 2nd-MK day with family, Chef Mickey ressie at 8:10, BOG ressie at 4:15

I know the two sit down reservations seem insane on June 2nd, but it was the only day I could get reservations for 10 at either restaurant. Please give me any insight you can on anything you see here. This is our first trip with DDP and staying inside the world at a WDW resort. It will probably be two or three years before we get to go back, because we are splurging a lot on this trip and want to start paying down debts when we get home. Our boys have been three times over the last three years and we want this to be magical enough to hold us over while we get our debt snowball rolling when we get home (any Dave Ramsey fans out there?).

Looks good!
I absolutely understand that it is daunting to rethink ADRs, but there is AM EMH at MK Thursday May 28th that you may want to reconsider. The extra am hour at MK (if you can actually be there by 7:45 to make the most of it) is a huge luxury. Looks like it’s only the 4 of you at that point in time, so you may be able to swap May 28th and 29th ADRs? If not, it really doesn’t matter, because you’ll have just as fun of a trip. :wink:

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That is the day I am struggling with the most. I had heard the AM EMH at MK are worth the trouble of getting everyone there for rope drop and it would be easy because I have early risers. My big issue is making sure my DS6 gets that Jedi Training spot one day while we are there. That is all he has talked about since we booked this trip. We have park hoppers, so I am really debating watching for another Jedi Mickey ADR (doesn’t need to be Fantasmic) on the 30th, 31st or 1st and changing things up if I can get one of those for a HS day. We don’t care so much about Star Wars weekend activities, just that Jedi Training (thanks a lot Disney Jr.!). :wink:

I wouldn’t at all worry about not doing EMH’s. I know some crowd calendars actually tell people to avoid the park with EMH’s on any given day since so many onsite guests plan to be at them (even if they don’t end up using them). I think your plan looks great. I don’t know if I would go to MK on 5/27 at night after a long drive, especially if you are trying to be at HS early the next morning; might want that night to just settle in and hang by the pool.
also, I think on 6/2 it’s totally fine to have 2 sit down meals. fill up on a big breakfast at CM, have a snack mid day and enjoy the early BOG dinner!
Looks like a lot of fun!