Please help me figure out final HEA Viewing Plan

I am stuck trying to figure out a plan to see HEA (at least from a distance) on Saturday September 25th. There will be five of us and I expect we we get to BWV around 4:00 (we will be checking out of RPR after two nights of HHN).

This is what I have considered:

  • One day park tickets will cost $734.85 and I am not going to do that

  • CG and Narcoossee ADR will most likely not be available but I can set up an ADR finder request

  • If Top of the World Lounge is open we can go there (but I don’t know if I should even hope for that)

  • I can book dining at GF or Poly as a placeholder and then watch from the boat dock/beach (what would be your first choice)- I NEED to hear the music……

  • I could sit on the phone for hours and try to book a fireworks cruise? Does anyone know what the current cost of that would be? Can someone talk me into even wanting to do that?

  • Is there an option I missed?

I appreciate any/all comments-thanks!

Fireworks cruise! Best $400 you’ll spend.

Fwiw I have Narcoosees booked for the 29th and plan on watching from the dock or GF beach.


I’m sure you have already considered this, but in the past when we have stayed at BLT, we have watched both Wishes and HEA from the Sky Way Bridge connecting BLT to CR. There were speakers that broadcast the music. Can’t really see the projections, but we always enjoyed the fireworks! (Maybe you need an ADR though, if you are going to enter CR or BLT?)

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So an early Citricos ADR and then beach/dock wouldn’t be a bad plan (I think that might be an easier ADR these days?)

I was going to suggest the fireworks cruise too. It’s cheaper than the tickets you quoted and I think they serve appetizers???

I think you should have to scan in as a guest to access the bridge?

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Two hours on hold to book a cruise might not be possible with my work schedule.That is my great fear.

Possibly. I think you can book today right? I’m still 100% in favor of the cruise though. I’m going to try and book one myself that week bc I’ve enjoyed the ones in the past so much.

Not appetizers, but they do have snacks like bags of chips and Mickey rice crispy treats and a cooler of sodas and waters that are all yours to keep after the cruise.

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I think the cruse is for 10 ppl. The more ppl the smaller the shared cost. :smirk::partying_face:

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I am at 62 days today (60 from Universal)

I think you can book 60 days out ?

HEA firework cruises are only booking through August (as of yesterday)

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Whaaaaat?!? Why? :face_with_monocle::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

They opened the EP ones but not HEA.

Does the cruise have to be on the 25th? Jhabandpixiedust is joining me on Monday and we were going to try and book on the 28th or 29th. You can definitely join us and I can call and book everything.

Well rounding : $500/7=71 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses:. I included me and DH :relieved:

I wish I could but I am flying home the 27th!