Please help me decide where to stay

We thought that we’d decided, but the quotes came back way more than we expected. So… It’s back to the drawing board to save some money.

We are trying to decide between any moderate (would we need a car?) for 14 nights and WL for 13 nights at the end of August. DH, DS5, DD8. Pool is important and we would probably do 3xMK 3xEP 2xHS 2xAK 1xTL 1xBB and see how we go for our other day(s).

What would you recommend for us on our second trip? (last time we stayed at AKL)

Thank you

Honestly, if you think you’d be comfortable in a moderate, then I would choose one of those over Wilderness Lodge. I’d LOVE to stay at WL someday, but not for 14 days. I think the transportation to parks other than MK is too slow and annoying. Deluxe is always nicer than moderate, but the moderates are quite nice for what they are, and the money you’d save would be huge.

I think you could stay in a moderate 14 days without a car, but only if you’re happy to eat Disney food and do Disney things the whole time. If you stayed at POR or POFQ then you’d have access to Downtown Disney by boat on days when you were tired of the parks. And if you’re relaxed about transportation time, then you can catch a bus to any park and then another bus to all the other resorts for meals or activities. I think my family would be happy staying on property 100% of the time, but 14 days is a long time. I’d love to do things at a leisurely pace and explore all that Disney has to offer for 14 days, and they make it really easy to get around on property without a car.

However, if you want to pick up groceries or leave Disney property to go to outside restaurants, then you’ll want a car. I think it’s kind of a matter of personal taste and style. People who stay off property make different choices than people who stay on property. You’d have to decide which style suits you best. You can crunch the numbers to make sure, but everything you save money on comes with an equal expense. It all depends on how you want to spend that money.

have you checked with magical vacations travel? they get very good room discounts at a lot of the deluxe resorts for the end of august. I booked my poly trip for last week of oct and my RO discount was about 37.5%. plus their ticket packages are discounted too. my 6 day tix cost $175 less than I would have paid through Disney plus it came with a free one day waterpark tix for everyone in my group. just a thought. The TA I have been using is very responsive and tickets and reservation linked super easy to MDE.

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I should have said, we’re in the UK so at moderates we would get QSDP for free, but would upgrade to DDP and free DDP at deluxe. We would still be better off at a moderate with a car and upgrading than WL and we did 14 nights last time with DDP, so I know that we would be good to do it again.

We would definitely like to stay on site, the saving we get by going off just doesn’t stack up by the time we include food costs in particular and the things that we miss out on.

our (uk) free dining for 2016 is due to be released tomorrow and there is sometimes room discounts for certain resorts also. I know in the past OKW and SSR had 30% off plus ddp 2 years ago. So I would wait another day and re price. Last time we would have been cheaper at OKW than POR and paying to upgrade plan.Saying that as we go at Easter we stay offsite but dates for next easter look promising for fd.

That’s what I’ve got quotes for, but there seems to be an extra £400 going on the cost compared to the online price, which is why we’re rethinking our plans. We are waiting until tomorrow, but we’re now opening up our options.