PLEASE HELP! I messed up our ticket purchase!

After using the TouringPlans ticket search tool, I just purchased two seven day parkhopper tickets from Boardwalk Ticketing. I meant to purchase two adult tickets but accidentally purchased child tickets instead. Everything I’m seeing on the website says that no changes or returns can be made. I checked with PayPal (I paid through them) and the transaction already went through- meaning I can’t cancel it from that end.

I tried calling Boardwalk Ticketing and using their contact form. Given that it’s a Saturday during a holiday weekend, I’m not surprised that I couldn’t get up with anybody. Apparently the tickets will be e-mailed to me within 24 hours.

I am so upset and I don’t know what to do. I’m pretty sure I just wasted over $700. The worst part is that it isn’t my money. My friend is paying for the trip and I’ve just been handling the planning and ordering of things. I’m not even close to able to pay him back for this mistake.

Please, if anybody knows of anything I might be able to do or has dealt with a similar situation with Boardwalk Ticketing, please let me know. I think I really shot myself in the foot but I’m desperate.

RESOLVED. Sorry to clog up the boards this way. If I can figure out a way to delete this thread, I will. (If a moderator doesn’t get to it).

If you’re curious, I called Disney and the travel agent said they could upgrade the tickets to adult tickets at any booth on property.


Glad you were able to resolve it! Sorry you had to go through that anxiety, though!

I would still try to see if Boardwalk can fix it. Of course the Disney fix will work but you will have to pay the full price difference which may be over $100?

I have a further update. Much to my surprise (given that it’s Saturday AND a holiday weekend) Boardwalk Ticketing got back to me via e-mail in only a few hours. They hadn’t put the order through yet and offered to change the tickets for me or to give me a refund. I opted for the upgrade and, as PrincipalTinker mentioned, it’s cheaper than going through Disney. Upgrading at the ticket booth would have cost $42.60 for both tickets whereas it was only $36.68 through Boardwalk. Additionally, as soon as I confirmed that I wanted to change my tickets, they went ahead and not only processed the payment, but e-mailed my voucher.

I’ve got to say that I’m impressed with the speedy response, especially since it’s a weekend. I will be leaving a review to this effect.

Thanks to everybody for their input. :slight_smile:


Di think you just saved a lot more than that! Looking at the calculator Boardwalk Ticketing saves you more than $80 per ticket. Since you would have not been able to use them to lock in the savings, you would have had to pay that amount and then the upgrade from child to adult. Well done!


YAY! Score one for Boardwalk Ticketing for great, understanding, and fast customer service! :slight_smile: So glad it all worked out, worked out well, and was worked out quickly so you didn’t have to stress about it all weekend.

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