Please help evaluate my TP for MK arrival day (mothers day)

Trip with DH, DD2(almost 3) and DS1. Our plane lands at 9:30am at MCO - MDE to Beach Club - thinking we could get to MK around 1? Does this plan seem realistic? We will also have 2 MK days at end of trip.

Note I added extra FP’s to account for DAS pass - not sure if thats the best way to account for this?

Thanks for sharing your wisdom :grinning:

I think by “Mother’s Day” you mean my birthday. Thank you for being there to celebrate it with me!

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Yes I do mean that! What a wonderful way to celebrate!

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Do you have Park Hoppers? You’ll need either that or an AP to get through EPCOT. If you aren’t feeling up to walking, you could just take a bus.

We do have park hoppers! I’m hoping to be able to see a little Epcot as we walk through (likely kids will be sleeping in the strollers by then) but may take bus if we are all exhausted. We are planning Epcot the next morning for attractions.