Please help deciding re: split stay, room type!

We’re booked for 4 nights Nemo Suite then 5 nights Yacht Club standard room (MV deal - $200/night incl tax!) DH and I and boys 4 & 6, Aug 28-Sept 6. We’ve booked FPP and made touring plans to try to make the most of YC location with Epcot/HS evenings.
But now I’m having second thoughts:

  1. Do I want to cancel the split stay and do AoA for the whole time?
  2. Do I want to pay $1000 extra to move to a 1-bedroom villa at Kidani for the last 5 days and do more resort stuff and cooking meals/doing laundry in room?
  3. Do we want to save money and rent a car (I have AP so parking free) and stay off-site in a nice big condo unit (like Wyndham Bonnet Creek) for the last 5 nights?
    Dh unhelpful: he’s exhausted by my waffling and just wants me to book something and stop asking him questions. I can’t get out of him if he wants a hotel room close to the action or more space in a villa. Gah! Help me, peeps!

We stayed at the Yacht Club and Wyndham Bonnet Creek.
Choosing between those two, Yacht Club wins hands down.
SAB is incredible. If you’ve got an opportunity to do that for $200 a night, that would be my pick. :smile:

(we enjoyed our time at WBC too- having a washer after travelling for 11 nights was definitely needed, but I was a little sad to leave SAB…)
Given you are 9 nights total, I think you’d cope fine without those facilities. (remembering having a kitchen and washer is handy - but it also means chores…


Thanks so much, Quattro! The only alternative that is tempting me now is a 1-BR at Kidani, but I think DH will really enjoy being so close to Epcot for evenings. We’ve shared a hotel room for 5-7 night trips before and survived.
He’s a classic WDW-hater, so I really, really want this to just be a lovely, relaxing, fun trip so that he’ll agree to come back again. Great thinking about the chores! :wink:

The walk to Epcot is easy - although with the little ones if it’s super hot, just take the boat.
Definitely take the boat to HS it’s a longer walk.
Epcot is so lovely in the evenings. I miss those Florida sunsets over all the pretty buildings.
Plus the food at Hurricane Hannah’s and Crews Cup is pretty good too.

We loved the lazy river at YC so much. We ended up cancelling two park mornings just to spend more time there :blush:


I think that’s an amazing deal for YC! What does “MV” stand for? I would take that for sure. Could you switch out AoA for another place? I love AoA, though, and the suite solves some of the space issues - plenty of room in those.

also, with your FP - the kiosk for Epcot is just inside the international gateway entrance. So if you need a 4th when you get there, you can grab it on the way in. We did that one night and scored Soarin, we were stoked!


MV is Magical Vacations - seems that they buy big blocks of standard rooms each fall around labor day and sell them for great deals.
The kids and I LOVE AoA, DH has never been. I’m afraid the theming might be a little loud/excessive for DH, which is why I only booked us 4 nights there.

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No! we stayed there for 3 nights in a Lion King suite before moving to CBR for 6 nights. While the suites are fun and it was great to have 2 bathrooms and 2 sleeping areas, I felt like I was in a Toys R Us store on steroids. The main pool and food court were soooo loud. The quiet at CBR was great and much better for decompressing after the parks. I assume the deluxes would be even better. YC is always crazy expensive when we travel (spring break)- usually starting at $600 a night standard, if I could get it for $200 a night I would stay as long as possible. That is an amazing deal!

No again. I love AKL, but there should be no cooking or laundry on vacation :wink:, and certainly not at a higher cost.

No for a third time :smile:, are you sensing a pattern with me? The bubble is the place to be. Stick with your original plan, it sounds great!!!

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I love, love, love AKL, but keep your original plan! The YC is amazing! You will love it!

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I agree with the above. Huge fan of the split stay, and YC is the greatest. original plan.

Psst. Also, I was able to score another trip by waiting and showing my Disney hater hubby AKL savanna view AFTER our trip. He wanted to stay there. So give him a relaxing vibe at YC and then let him give you the gift of returning again sooner :slight_smile:

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You folks are the BEST. Thank you @Wahoohokie, @HappyKaren, @PrincipalTinker, @Quattro - you always give such wonderful advice! Excited about trip all over again now. :smiley:


Ps… Don’t know If you have ever stayed at AoA but Your kids are going to flip if you haven’t!!! Perfect age for them to be there and enjoy all the fun! Don’t miss the splash pad behind the nemo pool… My ds loves it!!!

Did you check out the free eBook on Touring Plans site? Wonderful pictures! Download it!

We’ve stayed there before… I LOVE it, the layout is perfect for us, but I’m pretty sure DH will have a stroke after a few days of the loud, loud theming. Almost picked up a 1-BR Value Villa at Jambo for $800 more than a Standard Room at YC today… but following your wisdom and my husband’s enjoyment of Epcot/Boardwalk type area, YC it is.

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Hahaha!!! You sound like me planning for dh!!! Epcot=happy dh :slight_smile: have a great trip!!! We are trying akl in oct for the first time… Excited to try something new!

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I think what you have booked with AoA and YC sounds perfect! Great choice! :smile:

Gah, and today, 1-BR villa at Beach Club comes up! It’s $1000 more for 5 days… Kitchen, washer and drier… BUT uncomfortable pull-out sofa bed and no pull-down bed.
So I think I’ll stick with the Standard Room at YC, but SO TEMPTING - I just want this trip to be perfect SO badly.

No such thing as a perfect trip, but YC comes close. :smiley: We just got back and I’d stay there again in a heartbeat.

BTW, if laundry is an absolute necessity, they do have a limited number of washers/dryers. $2.50 a load, payable by credit/debit card only.